In BIG trouble need advices from Cowboy brothers and sisters

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by leotisbrown, Nov 9, 2005.

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    I'm having reel bad most unluckiest season here with many bets gone sour on me, some on the last quarter even when it looked so good at the half and I was downing Jack Daniels and talking trash only to feel my guts torn out and my pockets emty when time runs out.

    I'm in a hot spot with my boss. I owe him almost two months pay on bets and he's charging 5% interest per weekly on top of that till he gets everything back.

    Normally I'd just hide but he's my boss and he's a tough guy who was in the Marines Core and he don't play. He's an old guy over 40 but he gots big muscle and plenty of mean to boot.

    I'm at the point where I've gotta take one big shot for double or nothing and let the chips fall where they have two this week.

    If I win I'm done. I'll be safe again no more betting from me for at least a few weeks. I swear it for true!!!

    I wanna make my last stand with my Boys on monday night against Filthydelphia but the line he's giving me is Dallas -3!!!!

    The line in the papers right now is Filthy -3 but he won't give me the bet on those t6erms. He just stick out his chest and say real loud so others hear that he don't hasve to take no bet with me and I can just pay him up what I owes him and be done with it or we can settle it any way I want to.

    Then I get all quiet and feel scared and sweaty. He laughs and walks to his office with pretty secretary smiles at him mostly.

    Of course he know I got to get even so I have to bet with him some time.

    Well heres for my questions--- Do you guys thinks we will win by the 3 points enough to take a bet for all the marbles on it?

    Please help me decide.
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    I think you're weird.
  3. LaTunaNostra

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    My advice:

    Give up gambling.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Terell, don't come here looking for sympathy.
  6. Danny White

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    This can't be serious.

    If it is, though, I'd bet on the Washington Generals... they're due for a win!
  7. fortdick

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    I have worked in California's toughest prisons for 25 years. I can tell you how convicts settle a debt like this. :eek:
  8. WoodysGirl

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    Do you work in construction?

    I'd quit and relocate in the witness protection system.

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    On the noise, LT . . . on the nose.
  10. Swat

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    But seriously . . .

    Is Dallas really a 3 point underdog????
  11. MadCow

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    Let me get this straight, you're already in debt to this tough guy boss of yours and you want to make amends by making another bet to even things out (hopefully... if by chance... by the roll of the dice... on a wing and a prayer... by the grace of God, etc.)

    Hmmm... if this works maybe I'll instruct the next alcoholic person I meet to ingest more gin and tonic or a person with a drug addiction to pick up that needle and stay on the smack 'til they get it right. If this post is true (and I have serious doubts that it is), your problem isn't the debt you amassed but you're incessant gambling habit.

    My advice: Seek help before you have to call the gutter your home.

    THUMPER Papa

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    There is a reason why I don't gamble, this reinforces it.

    Seek help my friend.
  13. Hoov

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    Yes, you have the itch dude. I use to bet on football a lot but i gave it up cause i get tired of taking on extra work just to piss my money away, and you know you really dont enjoy football games when your watching a grand get flushed down the toilet.

    Not only that, your betting money you obviously dont have and cant afford to lose, that is always bad......Buts whats worse is your betting with your boss! No No NO, Now he owns you and can make you work without paying you.

    And now he's not even giving you an honest fair line. Do not bet with him anymore. And really, you are not in a position to bet with anyone for the rest of the year cause you dont have the money up front.

    My advice is stop the betting now, ask him to let you pay back 50 dollars a week.... so you dont feel it so bad. And start working off you debt so that this reinforced a leeson for you. Remember that awful feeling you have watching your money go down the drain, and instead think how much more fun it would be to take that money, go out and watch the game with some friends, a few drinks, and some good food.
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  16. Danny White

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    Hey, leotis, we need an update!

    I hope for your sake you didn't take the bet!

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