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Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by rcaldw, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. rcaldw

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    Here is a reminder as to why we have problems. Some classic footage here.

  2. yimyammer

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    Puke! That's when my absolute disgust with Jerry the jackass began
  3. ShiningStar

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    yes, when we lost to Philly last year, remember our conversation, that was the reason.
  4. Trueboysfan

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    I really don't know when we will see another deep playoff run...we finally have an offense in place and now I can only hope that our defense is at least as good as our defense was last year...because I can't see us going anywhere with the loss of Ware, Hatcher and probably Spencer when it is all said and done. This is the first time in a long time that I'm going into the season without any realistic hope for a good season. I really blame Jerry Jones for a ton of this...poor handling of the cap is one of the biggest reason.
  5. Corleone

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    At about the 16:10 mark he basically said what he said a couple weeks ago on the 25th anniversary about how he bought the team so he will be heavily involved lol damn near exactly.

    I was like 3 years old at this time, was Joe Gibbs really in the running for the job or was that just being thrown around?
  6. rcaldw

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    What was shocking to me is when he said he bought the team to be involved with COACHING. I didn't remember him saying that, but there it was plain as day. At the 18:00 minute mark
  7. khiladi

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    So legendary was Johnson, that he built a team that won the Superbowl under a clown head coach two years later, despite free agency milking the team. Look at how they fell.
  8. rcaldw

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    This is very true. I really believe that if Johnson stayed, and if free agency had not been adopted the way it was during their dynasty years, that team wins 4 at the least and maybe 5 or 6.
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  9. WV Cowboy

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    Very few teams could play with us at that point, .. some even being intimidated.

    We would have just kept getting better, and widening the gap between us and the league.

    Jone is too stubborn to realize how bad he screwed up.
  10. cowboys1981

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    Yes X's a hundred. As much criticism JJ takes these day (most deserving) we would probably have a payroll higher than the Yankees. The NFL had to put a stop to it somehow so teams like JAX and CIN can still exist. I can recall Cincy having trouble selling out their PLAYOFF game this season. That's crazy!! Eliminate FA for 10 yrs and watch what happens here!

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