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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bleu Star, Nov 13, 2006.

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    I have long made it clear that I believe BP made a detrimental mistake to start Bledsoe and should have let Romo roll right into the regular season to continue his hot pre-season play. Did the Tuna make the decision he had to make at the time due to circumstances beyond his control? (Jerry Jones) Should he have gone against the grain in typical Parcells fashion? Is the Tuna getting soft? Was he in denial? What are your thoughts?
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    Disagree with you. Starting seasoned vet like Bledsoe was the smart thing to do. Doesn't much matter what QBs do in preseason if your comparing seasoned vet against untried QB. When the lights come on and regular season begins, you usually go your perceived better, experienced vet QB. But admittedly I would have had Bledsoe on a shorter lesh then Parcells did. With Bledsoe's poor performance against the Jags, would have been watching him real closely. He okay against the Skins and Titans but his poor performance (missing too many open WRs which he would have made last year) would have been the warning bell I looking for. So, I would have made the change immediately after the Eagles game. But I do see where it would have been hard for Parcells to do. He's gambling on an unproven/undrafted QB and ending Bledsoe's career. We now no longer have a problem at QB but rest of team has shown they have problems which we would all have blamed on Bledsoe. The game against Skins showed even Romo's good play couldn't overcome screwups by some of our other vet players. Go figure.
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    BP felt loyality to Bledsoe.....that costed us
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    Probably right. He has always shown loyalty to "his guys." Perhaps to a fault at times, but his retreads have proven pretty good for us to bridge the gap to the future.

    Ferguson, Testerverde (teaching Romo), Richie Anderson (yeaaa), Key, etc
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    The rumor is he wanted Romo to win it outright in the preseason, thus gave him every chance possible.

    Bledsoe just played too well preseason to make that call and not cause problems on the team. Fortunately, we have all that sorted out now. Waited a bit too long, it looks like, but this team is hot on offense now.
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    tough call for Parcells to make. Early in the preseason, regarding Watkins, the question was not his talent but whether or not BP had 'the balls to start a rookie'

    I think the same goes with Romo. I can't blame him for choosing the vet. It was a safe bet. All that matters is Romo is here now and we're all happy!
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    Bledsoe played well in the pre-season...but so did Romo.

    I think Parcells pulled the trigger a little late...but better late than never.

    If this team has a good run in the second half of the season, it won't matter. BUT if we lose a playoff spot by a game, that's gonna hurt.

    My question is, If Parcells truly runs the team without favorites, if there's a blow out game, will he put Bledsoe in rather than risking injury to his starting QB, Romo?
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    You're a sick man. :D

    I was wondering the same thing yesterday. I was waiting for Bledsoe to come in. I can't see that happening though. It's too weird.
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    I used to be normal until you bastids here got to me after I became a mod. :D

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