In-n-out is the FAIL

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Rynie, Aug 2, 2011.

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    So, last week I finally went to 1 of the new In-n-outs here in Dallas. Of course, I had to wait 30 min. in the drive through. I get my order and drive home. I didn't check my order because they take it TWICE before you get your food. No reason to mess it up, right? Wrong. I ordered a Double-double with ONLY CHEESE, MEAT, and ANIMAL SAUCE. When I get home, it's LOADED with onions.

    I called the hotline to tell them. They are extremely apologetic, and immediately send out 3 coupons for FREE combos. Cool.

    I go today to redeem a coupon. Wait in line 30 minutes, again, tell them slowly "only CHEESE, MEAT, and ANIMAL SAUCE. Ya'll messed up my order last time. Make sure it's correct."

    I get to the drive through, get my food, and it's WRONG. Onions all over it. I say " I need to speak to the manager IMMEDIATELY." He comes to the window. I tell him "this is the SECOND time you messed up my order. This is completely UNACCEPTABLE. I want only CHEESE, MEAT, and ANIMAL SAUCE. NO ONIONS.

    He says "ok, we'll make you a new burger and fries." He hands me the burger and fries. I drive off. There's no way this order is WRONG, right?

    NOPE. ****ED IT UP AGAIN. ONIONS all over the burger. AT this point I've told them 5 times, NO ONIONS.

    I got more coupons for free combos on the way, and a call from the Division Manager. I fully expect atLEAST a $50 gift card.

    **** IN-N-OUT. I feel stupid for waiting that long to get the most overrated burger on the planet.

  2. Boyzmamacita

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    I've always wondered about IN-N-OUT, but this is not a very good review, LOL. Tell me, despite the obvious mess up, is the food any good? If the fries are good, that makes up for everything else in my book.
  3. Rynie

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    The fries are only good if you tell them to cook them longer. Otherwise, they are just soggy, disgusting fries. The burgers are cheap, and good, but extremely overrated. As far as taste goes, I rate Smashburger, Mooyah, and Fuddruckers WAY HIGHER.
  4. Temo

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    What the hell is animal sauce.
  5. Rynie

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    I think it's just 1,000 island dressing.
  6. arglebargle

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    Fast Food joints have about a 50% fail rate on getting orders done properly, in my limited experiance. I think at this point, it comes with the business model.
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    haha, I dunno what it is but I always find people losing their crap over fast food hilarious.

    I mean I feel your pain, I dislike raw tomato and half the time they screw up my order and leave them on there. I just pick them off and eat my damn burger.
  8. Rynie

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    That's my second biggest pet peeve, considering I order S L O W L Y, and repeat myself. Also, they take your order TWICE before you get to the window, then confirm it at the window, but still managed to mess it up TWICE in 5 minutes.

  9. Temo

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    I dunno, I mean he's made off with a ton of free perks for having onions on his burger.

    Makes me feel like I need to complain a lot more when I get my order screwed up.
  10. Hoofbite

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    Why don't you try "no onions" next time?
  11. Temo

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    Question though, did you specifically ask for no onions? There's no in-and-outs near me, but a quick google search shows only a few results for "Animal Sauce", but a ton of results for "Animal style" which includes "pickles, extra spread, grilled onions, and mustard fried onto each meat patty".

    Maybe they think you're ordering "Animal style".
  12. Rynie

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    Did you even read the OP?
  13. Rynie

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    The reason I "lost my crap" is because I drove 35 minutes there, and waited another 30 minutes in line. Dumb? Yes, but I shouldn't be rewarded with a burger I can't eat. Just saying.

    ...and yes. I will now have the NEXT SIX meals for free, because of onions. I've never been one to complain, but I've even gotten $100 off a meal I already ate at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant too. haha.
  14. Yeagermeister

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    I had tried them once when I was in Phx. The burger was ok but the fries were terrible.
  15. joseephuss

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    You driving 35 minutes out of the way is not the joints fault. :D

    In my experience, it is very common for orders to come out wrong at fast food places. Sounds like you came out on top in the end with the free stuff and only having to scrape off a few onions. Not that big a deal in the whole scheme of things.

    With our poor education system, we are going to see more and more order screw ups at these places. At least they don't have to write in cursive.
  16. peplaw06

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    Learn how to order. The sauce is not called "animal sauce." It's called "spread." The only animal on the menu is "animal style." It comes with grilled onions.

    Sounds like you were trying to be cool and order off the not so secret menu and ***** it up.
  17. jcollins28

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    There is no such thing as "animal sauce"...You expect a 50 dollar gift card?!?! you always this up tight?
  18. big dog cowboy

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    Employees probably drink too much coffee.
  19. DIAF

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    Yeah. It's cheap food served to you by teenagers or adults who cant get a better job than that and are EXTREMELY unmotivated and are paid a pittance. What do you expect? Hell, if they get my order RIGHT it's a bonus.
  20. poke

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