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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Star4Ever, Oct 9, 2012.

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    I had to know for sure.

    Emmitt...17,162 as a Cowboy. Tony...12,036 as a Cowboy.

    29,198 yards for our top 2 guys.

    Bears, Payton...16,726. Neal Anderson...6166. Rick Casares...5657

    28,549 for the Bears top 3. Sayers had less than Casares.

    Lions, Barry Sanders...15,269. Sims...5106. Dexter Bussey...5105.

    25,480 for the Lions top 3.

    Here's something else. If you look at the numbers for the Bears and Lions 2nd and 3rd all time leading rushers, all four of those guys have less than our 3rd leading rusher, Don Perkins at 6217.

    Our 3rd leading rusher would be 2nd leading on both of those teams. Perkins is so under rated.
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    For the Niners, you're forgetting YA Tittle.

    The Colts go from Unitas to Morrall to Unitas to Bert Jones (NFL MVP) to ...... and then Chris Chandler to Jim Harbaugh to Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck.
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    This is interesting to consider...

    QB: Otto Graham, Brian Sipe, Bernie Kosar
    RB: Jim Brown, Marion Mottley, Leroy Kelly, Greg Pruitt, Kevin Mack
    WR: Webster Slaughter, Bobbie Mitchell, Paul Warfield
    TE: Ozzie Newsome
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    You know what I love about this conversation? No one has even thought about the Stillers.:laugh1:
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    I thought about the most overrated team in NFL history when I was posting, just didn't wanna waste my time with it.

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