In one word, off-season to date - Risky

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by kiheikiwi, Mar 17, 2017.

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    Ho brah, how's your spelling? You wen Punahou o what?

    lol...nah nah
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    I am fine rolling with Jones and Heath as the starters.
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    Brown Scan Jones Heath/?? Carr Claiborne Jones Church
    Wilson Hitch/Smith Lee. Wilson Hitch Lee
    Lawrence Collins Paea Irving. Lawrence Collins McClain Irving

    Doesn't look all that different to me. Barry Church is the biggest loss. Do people honestly think he was the reason for their success?

    Obviously need some more bodies. But rebuilding and 5 starters is just another case of chicken little who comes around this time of year. Oddlly enough most of the same crew complained about the same things last offseason and throughout the year.

    Dallas favors depth and keeping their core. They've done that this offseason and I doubt they're done. They absolutely need studs on that side of the ball but they needed that last year. They're not going to pay marginal talents because they think they can find those guys. The interest garnered in free agency is a testament to that.
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    as you are nicely pointing out, there is what i want, than there is what they will do in reality
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    What exactly are we rebuilding. It's more like retool or reload if you are insistent on the manual labor simile.

    The draft is in about 6 weeks. The time for theses state of the Cowboys posts is in June as OTAs crank up.
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    :laugh: The past three years have been helter skelter up and down with the coaching staff for the most part kept intact. I like Greg Jackson but he is not responsible for an 8 game swing.

    Dak and Zeke?

    Occam's razor says to look at the simplest explanation first. That does not mean stop there and assume it's right.
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    Agreed. Church was the biggest loss and he isn't worth $6 mil a season for the next 4 years. As a side note there were many folks on here that wanted him to take a pay-cut prior last offseason from his $4.5 mil salary.

    The rest of the secondary losses... Meh.
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    NO,no Proximo the theory is Red dumped the secondary to hide behind another excuse for going 8/8 or some such.
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    No i said red dumped romo to take pressure off, and also a young dak is better than a old romo, but
    JG did not want tony on the field again.
    The defense is not about red, although he could be part of it, I think it is more jones boys, and possibly marinelli.
    I dont know, it is hard to say we get so little info.
    I think JG knew something like this was coming, from what he said to the players at end of season,
    that this is the last time " this team" would be together.

    He knew a bunch of these guys would not be resigned.
    and not because they arent good players, but because the cowboys are not going to pay market value for any player
    not a high draft pick, and or all pro player.
    The last time they did was with T Crawford, and that turned out to be a mistake, so that could have made them
    not want to pay even more.
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  10. Doomsay

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    BS, they lost to the better coach that game planned for them. Just like every playoff coach will do against Garrett in the future, he offers nothing in the clutch.
  11. rocyaice

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    So is a coach not apart of the team? Bellicheat has nothing to do with the Pats success?
  12. DandyDon52

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    I think he meant that JG was outcoached by mcarthy staffs included, not just HC.
  13. LittleD

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    JG & Linehan were outcoached especially in the 4th quarter of that game. We completely got away from our season long game plan of letting
    the OL and Zeke control the game. The Cowboys have a formula that works if we stick with it and that is run the ball and keep the defense
    resting on the sidelines. We failed to do that and GB picked us apart. We tried to rely on our weakest unit to save us and they ran out of gas just
    like Atlanta did in the SB. Can't really blame our players and have to lay the brunt of failure on our braintrust.
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    LOL. Typica what?

    He's right. This is a risky strategy this offseason. The entire improvement in the defense is being left to draft picks.

    It may work out. It may also screw us in 2017.
  15. casmith07

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    I kind of am too. Heath's the only guy who did anything last year.

    Jones did plenty that didn't show up on the stat sheet, though. He's a huge reason why opposing TEs just can't do jack against us. We still have to get better up front -- Heath can be the starting Strong Safety on a Super Bowl team if we improve the pass rush.
  16. Tass

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    I hope we grab that Watt kid.
  17. Idgit

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    Typical, typical. As in this is the same thing we've been doing every offseason for years. Replacing Church with Heath. Wilcox with Frazier. Carr with Carroll. McClain with Paea. Leary with Cooper. We'll scoop up a few more value VFAs heading into the draft to give us options, then primarily draft for talent. Any holes not filled we'll throw multiple CFAs at the position and see if we don't get lucky. If we don't get lucky, we look to add a vet or two during cut downs. Just like we've done the last five years or so.
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    Back to the thread topic....


    I will reserve judgment until I see how the draft improves the team...I wasn't happy before the draft last year and was thrilled with the first two, the 2016 draft could turn out to be one of the team's greatest ever as they grabbed their franchise QB along with stud RB, excellent starting DT, starting CB, and a few injured guys that if they play up to snuff this year, we will all be, match that in 2017 and I will give high grades to the off season
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    I blame the offense on Garrett. The defense I don't blame Garrett for or preparation. Maranelli coached that game silly.
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    They are deceiving the fan base. They aren't going for super bowl win this year. They are trying to retool/re build for a chance 2-3 years from now- which is too late.
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