In order to beat the Giants and Eagles...Interesting !!!

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by garyv, Jan 17, 2012.

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    In order to beat the Giants and Eagles, the Cowboys need to invest early picks on the players battling in the trenches. According to the teams that have the greatest success against the Cowboys' NFC division rivals, bolstering the interior of the offensive line is a solid investment. This strategy should be especially effective in a draft featuring two offensive linemen (DeCastro and Konz) that are rated among the best prospects entering the NFL.

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    I hope we draft a lineman with one of the first two picks and then another a little later on. And all of the rest of the draft should be DBs, LBs (best available). My personal opinion.
    And maybe we pick up an OL and DL in free agency.
    Can't wait until the draft gets here. Playoffs are painful, especially with the Giants doing well.
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    Sign Nicks and use the 1st round on CB or DL. Use the 2nd or 3rd on best center.
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    sign nicks/grubbs
    use Rd 1 on DeCastro
    Rd 2 on Poe
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    Unfortunately I only see us drafting/signing 1 starting guard this year. 1 of Arkin/Nagy/Kowalski will be starting to cut costs and hopefully develop a starter for the future.
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    in your draft, i dont know much about your 6/7 picks but love the first 5
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    We also need speed in addition to fixing the trenches. Philly and NY made that secondary look like fools chasing them or even keep up with them for the slightest.

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