In Sum: Why Jerry Jones is a Psycho

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dstone2962, Jan 11, 2013.

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    :laugh2: at this pathetic organization and the old fool running it. They know about making money and nothing about football. Can't hide from 17 years. Can't hide from 128-128. No spin, no opinion, no irrelevant fact can change that. Keep lying to yourselves, homers.

    I wonder who next year's scapegoat will be? My guess is that after another failure in 2013, the homers will finally turn on Jason Garrett. Or perhaps Romo.
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    You are on the verge of creating a Jerry the GM post And I hope you are ready for the explosion. We don' t cotton to that city slicker oil salesman, lately snake oil salesman running our team any more. Whether he is or was a good GM doesn't matter anymore, because right now her is 17 years of nothing and counting. Personally it was Jimmy for me, Jerry just rode his coattails and basked in the glory until he saw Jimmy getting the love and respect. Some people need the light on them and he is one of them. Im just waiting for the velour sweatsuit for the transformation to be complete.
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    I wouldn't say it the way you have, but I do think the basic narrative is right, and I think it feeds into how Jerry has handled this postseason. He is probably taking a lot of ideas from Garrett and others, but publicly it is JERRY who is going to fix it. If it turns around... who gets the credit?

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