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    "And now for something completely different":

    Emmitt Smith has eye on 2005 season wire reports

    TEMPE, Ariz. (Dec. 16, 2004) -- Fifteen seasons might not be not enough for Emmitt Smith.

    The NFL's most prolific ball carrier sounds as if he would like to come back for a 16th, either with the Arizona Cardinals or with some other team.

    "I don't have no problem playing next year," he said after practice.

    Smith stopped just short of saying for sure he will come back.

    "I'm not totally happy with the I way I performed in terms of the success of the team and all," he said. "But I wanted to make a contribution, and I feel like I have made a contribution, and I think I've got a lot in me to make more contributions to this team or wherever it may be if I choose to continue on."

    The 35-year-old running back has rushed for 732 yards in 202 carries -- 3.6 yards per carry -- and has scored nine touchdowns. A sore big left toe kept him out of one game, and his carries have dwindled in the other three games in Arizona's four-game losing streak, largely because the team has had to abandon the run while playing from behind.

    He needs to average almost 90 yards in each of the next three games to reach 1,000.

    Coach Dennis Green, who has said he thought this was Smith's final season, wanted nothing to do with the subject of the running back's future.

    "You know what? I haven't thought about anything except the Rams right now," said Green, whose 4-9 team will play St. Louis on Dec. 19. "We've got three games to go, and I'm focused on the first game."

    Smith, the NFL's career rushing leader with 18,150 yards and counting, is in the last year of a two-year contract he signed with the Cardinals after leaving Dallas. Injuries shortened his 2003 season, then the Cardinals hired Green, who installed Smith as the starter.

    "I tell you what, I've enjoyed my stay here with Dennis," Smith said. "He's given me an opportunity to get back on the football field and showcase my talent, whereas earlier this year there was a chance I was going to be a backup. He saw fit to give me a chance to come out here and do my job again and be the No. 1 guy. I can't be anything but grateful and thankful for a man to give me the opportunity to do that."

    Smith stirred up some controversy Dec. 12 after an overtime loss to San Francisco, when he said that, among other things, players must "overcome coaching" sometimes in order to achieve success. The remark was widely interpreted as a shot at Green or his assistants.

    Four days later, Smith said he meant that players sometimes have to abandon what they've been taught and improvise on the field to make a play work.

    "Sometimes as a player you have to do things on the football field for the betterment of the play," Smith said, "understand the game. If you understand the game, sometimes you do things that make the play better. I feel the comment was definitely taken as a negative, and I didn't mean it toward Denny or any of the coaching staff."

    Green brushed aside the incident, saying only that, "I just reminded the guys they have to be careful about what they say. I just think you have to be careful because a lot of times you say a lot, and only a certain amount gets written. I talked to the whole team about it."

    Smith expressed disappointment in his two years with the Cardinals.

    "I don't know what the future has in store for me," he said. "If the opportunity comes and it presents itself to come back, I will seriously look at that and take that under consideration.

    "But if the opportunity does not come, then I feel like I have failed the mission. My mission was to get here and help this team get to the playoffs, and this is my last chance to do it."

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    I sure would like to see him come back home.

    Get rid of the other oldies and bring back Emmitt on a part time basis, short yardage or goal line back. This team is missing that passion and leadership from days of ole. Anyone who's seen him play this year can see that he still has a lot of that burst and quickness. He hasn't lost any moves either and 9 TD's ain't bad either.

    It wouldn't surprise me if Emmitt ended up playing into his 40's like his dad did (Semi-pro).

    Jerry Jones, who's always had a flare for the dramatic maybe lured by the story of the prodigal son returning home to end his career as a Cowboy, perhaps 1 more Super Bowl, a possible shot at that 20,000 yards

    ...and Christen the New Stadium


    Not gonna happen though
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    Oh, I bet he resigns with Dallas. For 1 day. To officially retire a Cowboy. My guess is he gets a front office job after that.
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    I'd much rather see Emmitt back there as the #2 than Eddie George! If JJ can hire EG, he can sure take Emmitt back.

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    I think the biggest hurdle for Emmitt is BP. E may not be the 20-25 carries a game back that he use to be but he can sitll get it done. Stange that the Cowboys signed two older backs to do the work that Emmitt did by himself.

    I like R. Anderson alot, but I don't think he gives us anymore than E could, and E. George...Emmitt is 5 years older and still the better back.

    ...mmmmmmm cinnamon buns
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    My personal favorite. :p
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    Do you think that Smith would ever consider returning as the non-featured back? I would hate to be Jones in that scenario, he would always be looking over his shoulder.
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    I don't think Emmitt could come back to Dallas and be a back up. I don't think he could, even if he wanted to.

    He was "the man" here for so long.

    A warrior.

    A legend.

    I just don't see him sitting on the bench in his house. I don't think his pride would let him.

    I think he would retire.
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    premiere backs never age gracefully. they just age. superstars come equipped with blinders that only allow them to see themselves as peak performers. this is not equipment that can be jettisoned. it's part of their deep-seated character makeup. what caused emmitt to be so good (his ego and the overwhelming desire to live up to his own self-imposed sentence of greatness) is ultimately his undoing (his complete inability to see himself as a "role player"). the blinders were a blessing for the fans who enjoyed the superbowl runs. they are a curse for those expecting to see emmitt "go quietly into that goodnight". and, in his later years, for emmitt, himself. goodnight, sweet prince.

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