Indiana Professor is a Genius

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by irvin88, Aug 25, 2009.


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    So then Rat, are you saying that Liberals are different? They would be willing to be more open minded about various issues? Healthcare perhaps?
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    Anybody read Pirsig's Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance?

    It's essentially an autobiography, but he writes that he did this exact same thing back in I think the 60s. Whether it's true or not it's hard to know for sure (the book is a little strange) but this might be a play on that just put to modern times.

    I personally think it's true though.
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    Hey mod, are you calling this poster 'Rat' as a point of fact - or just taking a stab at his identity? Just curious.
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    People with 15 posts and creation dates of days ago rarely wade into the political zone and start swinging. Chances are he is in fact who they think he is.
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    So you're saying he is who they think he is? ;)
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    Check out the big intuitive brain on Count!

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