Twitter: Injured player report - 10/30/13

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Oct 30, 2013.

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    Everyone should just relax. We will get Edgar Jones back later this year. He is our ACE heading down the stretch and into the post season. :D
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    While they were bad contracts it's not Jerry fault they got hurt.
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    Thats even worse.
  4. T-RO

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    You keep signing older players as Jerry does and you are going to be perpetually saddled w/more injuries. That's been widely known: older guys get injured more, heal slower...or not at all.
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    Maybe, maybe not.

    But nobody had access to better medical records than he did.

    And Ratliff isn't simply injury, that a debacle to be handled through litigation at this point.

    Take injury away and that deal is still a joke.

    And Austin has no fight in him at all.

    He's content to go through the motions until the day comes when he gets cut.
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    I'd have to rewatch the Scandrick play but the D was simply fooled by the Stafford QB sneak. In general, we as Cowboys fans have given zero credit to Stafford for what he did on that drive. We only look to what OUR guys did wrong, which is perfectly normal. But Stafford made 2 tremendous throws on back-to-back plays and put the ball in PERFECT spots for his guys, then of course he capped it off with the QB sneak. And it's not like they were wide open because we botched the coverage or something. They were just better than we were on that drive. Give them credit.

    If it were Romo who did that, we'd all be raving about him and not slamming the Lions D for their lack of effort/execution. The other team's players get paid too.

    And yes, for the most part, I think our guys have played hard under Garrett. I've always thought that.
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    Whenever Miles Austin is NOT on the injury report, I think, wait, something is not right, and then I question the competence of our medical staff and trainers. It's gotten that bad with me. Lol
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    i think guys like ware, witten, harris, beasley, williams, hatcher might not like that comment
  9. ScipioCowboy

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    That's kind of the thing about the NFL. Other teams are always going to have good players. Your team will always have injuries with which to contend (The Packers had 15 players on IR the year they won it all; the Ravens were nicked up pretty well last year). There will always be hostile road environments. There were will always be mitigating circumstances and reasons--good reasons, mind you--your team just couldn't get it done in the end.

    Winning in the NFL is extremely difficult. It's so difficult that no one on this board can fathom it, least of all me. The demand for winning in the NFL is much larger than the supply of player and coaches capable of winning.

    But you know what? They're paid to win. That's why their salaries are often equal to the GDPs of small countries.

    Jerry could pay anyone on this board to coach his team, not make the playoffs, and sit around talking about how there were too many injuries. After so many years of sustaining injuries, when do we acknowledge that injuries are just part of the game?
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