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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Dough Boy, Jan 26, 2005.

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    I talked with a friend today who is an ACC ref, and he and I always talk about ACC talent when we do talk. For many reasons, the conversation seemed to gravitate around Shawne Merriman.

    Things that he said:

    He was a handful for any ACC team this year.
    He is a beast.
    Has great lateral agility
    Very fast
    Big for an OLB, thinks he can make the adjustment to DE
    Big timer hitter. Mean and aggressive. But not over the top. Didn't think he was a dirty player.
    Can go side-line to side-line
    Can cover.
    He watched both Pollack and Erasmus James during their Bowl Games, and he is convineced Merriman is better.
    He is very athelictic.
    Gifted player & top athelete
    He is a true stud.

    He went on to say that he is not shocked that Merriman is getting all this attention. He is as good a player as he has seen.
  2. mullet

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    Nice insight. Merriman has all the signs of being a guy who will shoot up the draft boards...... maybe even too high.
  3. playit12

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    Durability and positional concerns will keep him out of the top 10 I think. But certainly this year and next everyone is going to be trying to draft the next Freeny.
  4. Nors

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    But he has LT characteristics - I bet he goes top 10
  5. boysfanindc

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    I watched both Merriman and Hendersen at College Park.

    Hendersen was a much more disruptive player.

    Merriman is a very good player but was not as consistently disruptive/ solid as Hendersen.

    There is no way I would take Merriman at 11, maybe 20 but not 11.
  6. Nors

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    But he was an ILB - with character/DWI issues

    I'd rather Merriman drops to us at 20 -
  7. Eskimo

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    Ultimately, there are three positions which Parcells seems to excel at spotting talent - they have been strengths everywhere he has been:


    Heck, even his busts turn out great (James Farrior).

    Since Merriman is a LB, let's trust BP's judgment on this one. I'm sure he'll do as good a job as anyone could evaluating the OLB/DE tweener prospects.
  8. ghettogandhi

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    merriman will not be there at 20- He is the best player from Md since kris jenkins and will be every bit as disruptive on the field- workout freak and playmaker on the field- recipe for success

    Henderson cant hold merrimans jock


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