Insider Report: Tank turning it up

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Nov 14, 2012.

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    On a defensive line studded with stars, including fellow defensive end Bjoern Werner, Tank Carradine has had no trouble making a name for himself.

    Carradine is tied with Christian Jones for most tackles on the team with 64 stops on the year. Carradine also leads the team in sacks with nine. He is second on the team behind Werner in tackles for loss with 12.5.

    "His effort is ridiculous," Coach Jimbo Fisher said. "He's got a motor."

    Carradine's stat line looks the way it does because of his constant effort and his desire to follow the ball and make a tackle to end a play. He's not content until the job is done. Coaches from his youth leagues up through college taught him the importance of running to the ball and making plays there, where some other defensive ends wouldn't go.

    "I know when you run to the ball, good things always happen," Carradine said. "You can make plays that are unexpected. You can make plays that people never thought you could make."

    He feels like he has played football for such a long time that when offenses come at him, he has seen the look before and instinctually knows where to go and where the ball will go.

    "I try to fly around and be all over the field, try to make plays, try to get the ball down on the field," Carradine said.

    He did just that against Virginia Tech last Thursday, notching six tackles and one for loss as well as registering a sack.

    "Tank is just a go-getter," linebacker Vince Williams said. "Both of Bjoern and Tank are very good…So if Bjoern is getting a lot of attention then Tank is going to get off. If Tank is getting a lot of attention, then Bjoern is going to go crazy. So I think Virginia Tech was focusing on Bjoern and then Tank was killing them."
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    Am I the only one who doesn't love Werner? I like Jones, Mingo, Moore, Montgomery, and even Okafor more. Im probably way off but I just don't see whats so special about him.
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    I have seen him ranked as high as the second best prospect in the entire draft on some draft boards. FSU players have had a tendency to flame out at the pro level though.
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    45 Cornellius Carradine DE 7 Florida State Sr 6-4 265


    School: Florida State

    Position: Defensive end

    Year: Junior

    Height/Weight: 6'4"/265

    NFL Comparison: Lawrence Jackson

    Big Board (as of 11/10/12)- Kiper (20), McShay (15), CBS (45), My Rank (38)

    Carradine has taken an interesting journey to becoming a top NFL prospect. He had to go to Butler Community College out of high school because of academic problems, spending two seasons there before transferring to Florida State.

    He was the third defensive end for the Seminoles before Brandon Jenkins went down for the season, when Carradine stepped right into the starting position and hasn't looked back since.

    Pass Rush

    Physically, Carradine is as impressive as any defensive end in the country. He's blessed with a chiseled frame, extremely strong lower body, and good coordination. But as a pass-rusher, he's still pretty raw. He always plays with his hand in the ground, and gets out of his stance quickly and powerfully, but gets caught a little too upright at times.

    When he gets good leverage and keeps his legs under him, Carradine is impossible to stop. He also uses a good swim move off the outside and has the strength to push linemen off their feet if he gets a hand on their chest.
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    To me Mingo is a one trick pony. His stats are terrible. Probably wouldn't be in the top 20 DE/OLB.
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    When Mingo goes to the combine and is 6'4 240 and runs a 4.5 40 hes going to most likely be behind Jones and in contention with Moore for the next OLB taken. The kid is a freak much like JPP and Bruce Irvin who both went higher than their college stats would suggest. I'm not saying that Mingo is going to be a great pro, just that hes going to be a top 20 pick.
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    I'm not huge on Mingo either....he disappeared in the 'Bama game and since that oline is pretty much an NFL caliber unit it tells me quite a bit about him.

    I like Carradine, simply because of his effort. Typically players with NFL caliber athletic ability combined with that kind of motor find a way to have success in the NFL.
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    Tank has a quick first step. Dominating versus an awful Maryland team, but at least he is dominating those he should. He kind of looks like a guy who could add 20 pounds and and not lose quickness.
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    Werner has a great 1st step, especially considering that he carries more weight than some of the other top guys. He is good against the run. The biggest question with him is coverage. He does not appear to be as fluid as some of the other 3-4 OLB prospects.

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