Inspection Ticket/Warrant Question: HELP

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by SupermanXx, Oct 19, 2010.

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    Hey guys, I'm in Dallas.

    Dec 23rd of last year I got a ticket for expired inspection (I know...)

    So I went and got my inspection taken care of and went to the court house to take care of the ticket but they told me it hadn't posted and to call back.

    So I called back again a few times throughout the next few days (after they had re-opened for the holidays) and they told me it still hadn't posted and that it probably wouldn't for whatever reason. So we figured the cop just never turned in the ticket.

    Ok well today I get a notification in the mail that a warrant has been issued for my arrest. So I call the court and they say I now owe $327 in ticket fees and that they'll remove the warrant once I go to the court house to pay. (Apparently the ticket posted... eventually)

    My question is, I heard you can pay a lawyer $75 (or whatever it is), and they'll remove the warrant and take care of the rest to where you don't even need to pay the ticket fees (the $327 in this case) or show up to court.

    Is this true? What can be done?
  2. Sam I Am

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    Do the obvious thing. Call a lawyer and ask! :)
  3. Duane

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    If you've got the receipts and phone records you can represent yourself and it won't cost you any more than time away from work.
  4. Joe Rod

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    Best option is for you to go to the courthouse with your paperwork, then pull your pants down as a demonstration as to how embarrassing their operations are over there.

    It worked well for Mike Singletary. Oh, please remember to videotape it.
  5. hipfake08

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    Yes. Youtube it. The boys in lockup will love you some big time......:eek:
  6. TheCount

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    Never, ever, ever, ever ask the "internets" for legal advice.

    I think it's insane you can issue a warrant for someones arrest for an INSPECTION ticket, holy smokes.

    Here, at worst, they'll tow your car. Saying you'll take someones freedom away for $300 bucks is facist.
  7. Rynie

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    Use my ticket lawyer: Randall Scott.

    He's the best in town. Google his number...I"m too lazy to look for it.

    Yes..more than likely he'll get the warrant removed no problem.
  8. Sam I Am

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    I recommend you just ignore it. ;)
  9. joseephuss

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    Me, too. :D

    Sometimes they offer an amnesty period on these tickets. You go in and pay the original fine and then walk away. You just have to know when that time period is for amnesty. No guaranty that this will work for you. It happened to work for me many years ago on a speeding ticket. I called several times of the first 3 months to pay it and could never get a response. I finally forgot about it until a couple of years later when they mailed me a notice that I could pay the original fine or they would issue a warrant.
  10. heavyg

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    So failure to appear or pay a ticket is not cause for a warrant in your opinion? If thats the case why even issue a citation?
  11. justbob

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    If you have proof you went there in the first 10 days take it to them or the judge and he will dismiss the failure to appear. Do nothing and if you are ever stopped, have to have your DL renewed or sometimes the officer will come to your house , but you will be arrested and taken to the judge (if its during hours) or straight to jail. The warrant(for failure to appear) is basically a contempt of court and it pisses judges off.
    One way or the other take care of it before you get thrown in jail
  12. justbob

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    No the warrant is for Failure to Appear --what you promised to do when you got the ticket. You do run the chance of going to jail

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