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Insurgents Hide Rocket, Delay Apache's Firing OK.

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by WarC, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. WarC

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    Found this while browsing Liveleak, thought it was pretty cool.


    It's a video of an Apache attack helicopter's gun sight. It shows a group of insurgents pull up within range of a coalition base or position in an open flatbed truck, and start to deploy a rocket.

    Due to the rules of engagement, the Apache has to confirm the individuals have hostile intent and then apply for permission to fire.

    The insurgents have keyed in on this, and this video shows how. They hurriedly unpack the truck while keeping the rocket covered in a heavy canvas. Once on the ground, a group of them -also- hide under the canvas with the rocket while it is being setup, while others spread out in a wide radius to provide cover.

    They know the American pilot needs to visually confirm the target so they wait until the last possible moment before uncovering the rocket. It fires successfully. Then they all scatter in various directions, probably knowing that the OK would go through and that they would soon be engaged.

    Once the rocket is fired its launch mechanism is loaded back onto the truck and they hit the road. Only a few get back in the truck, others run alongside it at a distance, probably knowing its a big target.

    Sure enough, the Apache only has time to engage the truck as its driving away. The first shot misfires, the second shot is successful and destroys the truck.

    I dunno just thought it was interesting, the deadly game of cat and mouse.
  2. DIAF

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    There's a lot of absolutely incredible apache/c130 "gun" camera footage. The one I remember most vividly was of (i believe) an apache in Iraq engaging a bunch of guys that got out of a truck and were walking away. When the rounds hit them and the immediate area, you could literally see body parts twirling away. It was both fascinating and sickening at the same time.
  3. burmafrd

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    Stir fry.

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