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    Jimmy Garoppolo’s draft stock in the media is gaining steam, but the quarterback is a player whose whole does not equal the sum of his parts.

    In this week’s Futures, I wrote that scouting quarterbacks remains an untamed wilderness for the NFL. While easier for scouts to identify details like height, weight, arm strength, base accuracy, and mobility, it’s more difficult to quantify – or even qualify – that amount of sophistication that a player has when it comes to integrating these details on the field.

    Reading defenses, pocket presence, touch, and placement are examples of this kind of sophistication. They aren’t easy to grade because they involve multiple variables that differ on every play.

    Even so, if a team is honest and vigilant about identifying what it can – and should – spend time coaching, then it will do a better job scouting prospects. Having this kind of accurate self-assessment of its skills and priorities should help them elevate or reject prospects.

    They should focus more on “knockout factors” in their scouting. Even if it’s not formalized in a scouting report or on paper, the better teams have a core identity that each player must match or he’s not on its draft board. The Ravens have it. I believe the Steelers have it. I suspect to some degree the Patriots and Seahawks do, too.

    I’ve always considered having “knockout factors” in my scouting reports. Now that I’m almost 10 years into the RSP, I’m closer to incorporating them into my process. The reason I’ve waited is that a knockout factor has to be obvious.
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    Matt Waldman is excellent. I love his work.
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    Jimmy Garoppolo | Quarterback
    Team: Eastern Illinois Panthers
    Ht / Wt: 6'2' / 222

    Eastern Illinois QB Jimmy Garoppolo told CSN Chicago that his skill set compares to Aaron Rodgers.
    "I like to think I'm pretty close in comparison to Aaron Rodgers," Garoppolo told CSN's SportsTalk Live Thursday. "He's very athletic and gets the ball out quickly. He's very knowledgeable of the game, controls the offense totally and that's something I try to do. Just know the offense inside and out, and if you're able to do that as a quarterback, it makes your team that much better." Like Rodgers, Garoppolo does possess a quick release, but he'll have to work on his pocket presence if he wants to mirror his game after Aaron Rodgers. Garoppolo stock has risen as of late, and it looks like he could go in the second round. However, our own Josh Norris has Garoppolo as his fifth ranked quarterback prospect. Mar 14 - 10:38 AM
    Source: CSN Chicago
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    I heard him imterviewed on the dan Patrick show this week. He has a good personality and came through relaxed during the spot. I liked him.

    One interesting not, he has never spoken to Tony Romo. Thought that was odd considering they are from the same school and romo being one of his role models.
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    This is not the first analysis I have read about Garoppolo's problems handling pressure. It is something that cannot be taught.

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