Interesting article how 2008 top combine performers translated into on field performa

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Feb 22, 2009.

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    thx for the article but it probably should be noted it is mostly a list of guys who did well that also had good combines rather than a look at the best combine performances.

    guys like devin thomas, kendall gholston, andre caldwell burned it up at the combine only to be MIA as rookies who were drafted fairly high.

    and of course there is mendenhall who many hated us for passing on after his fast 40 times.
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    Didn't really have much to do with his 40, considering he ran .02 faster. Mendenhall was rated pretty highly before the draft, we didn't get to hear his interviews which is supposedly where scouts lost interest in him.
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    Well Mendenhall is certainly a case where more attention should of been placed on his interview.
    Has anyone ever done a real bit of research on top combine performers and how well they did in their careers?

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