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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Kittymama, Jul 2, 2006.

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    This morning, on ESPN's "Sports Reporters," Dan Lebatard talked about TO at the end of the program (when they each get to do their own wrapup). He admitted that the media are "enablers" of guys like TO, in giving them a lot of attention & then piling on when they do something dumb. He pointed out that TO got all kinds of attention because he wanted a raise, while 2 Phillies players have gotten much less attention--one for recently committing spousal abuse & another is still in prison for trying to kill farm workers with a machete. He said that TO isn't the most sympathetic character, but said there's quite a bit of difference between being greedy & being put in handcuffs. He ended by asking just how much attention TO would get if HE were ever put in handcuffs.

    I'm no fan of TO (never will be), but it's nice to see that some media are beginning to realize that they really are the ones who create these ego-driven athletes by giving them so much attention. I think that's one reason Parcells is stopping his coaches from talking about TO. The less attention he gets, the more of a message he gets that he's no more special than anyone else on the team. (And deep down, tho they'll never admit it, you know the Dallas media are ecstatic that TO's here. They'll be the center of the football universe for as long as he's here.)
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    There is a lot of truth in that post!


    THUMPER Papa

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    Owens is still responsible for being an egotistic jerk but no one would KNOW what a jerk he is if not for ESPN and the rest of the mediots. The media, and in particular ESPN, have created and fostered an atmosphere that gives these guys a stage to perform on.
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    LeBatard co-hosted The Terrell Owens Show the first half of last season down here on 790-AM (the show went on hiatus and was eventually terminated altogether when Owens was suspended). The station, even though it was here in South Florida, was the only media outlet where Owens regularly appeared last year (the show was also simulcast on a Philly sports talk station live).

    LeBatard often has stated on air that Owens and many other athletes are unfairly villified by the media for a host of different things. He (LeBatard) seems to provoke a fair share of negative commentary from fans around the country, but I think he does a great job of presenting an alternative point of view, especially with the more controversial sports figures. His Q & A sessions with Owens last year were actually very informative, and Owens never came off as anywhere near what he has generally been portrayed to be.
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    I have to disagree. Not with you being anti-Owens. I share the same opinion of him.

    However, I do disagree with the media "unknowing focusing on negative mega stars" like Owens. They are fully aware of what they are reporting. They do it intentionally.

    Why? Because it sells. Hyping widely known entities such as the Owens brings in viewers, readers and listeners. The media can justify charging advertisers more than usual rate simply because they can verify more people are hooked to their television news/sports shows, newspapers and radio. That's why they focus more on the negative than the positive, the more popular event over the more relevant one, etc.

    It's all about the :money:; and it's gotten progressive worst over the past 20 - 30 years. Who knows how bad it may become in the next 10 - 20 years?
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    I don't understand why Cowboys fans dislike TO anyway. He didn't get along with the 49ers, Jeff Garcia, the Eagles organization, Donovan McNabb....

    Last time I looked they were all hated enemies. It wasn't like TO was dissing Tom Landry ya know.:bow:
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    That spousal abuse is legit as it was done in a public place and included dragging his wife by her hair to take her with him.
    The next time Philly fan decides to put on a big production about how they hate TO you have to ask yourself why they are not treating some scum bag MLB player who beats on women the same treatment?
    I mean TO's main problem was that he wanted more money and clashed with management who would not change there rules for one player.
    The Phillies have this pitcher who is breaking laws and beating women...where is philly fan over this?
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    Actually, Lebatard was saying what you're saying--that the media full well are hyping these guys because they know ratings will follow. It's sad, but TO doing situps in his driveway got much more attention than somebody beating up his wife. Chad Johnson gets a lot of attention too, along with Clinton Portis & some other guys. I've always thought it's a bad combo--immature athletes (& generally unstable as well) who've learned they can get the cameras, media more than happy to accomodate them, & then ultimately these guys self-destruct, with the media then only too happy to hypocritically go tsk-tsk. Think Mike Tyson (in the most extreme, now terribly sad example), Dennis Rodman, etc.
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    Being egotistical is not the same thing as being criminal.
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    T.O. is not a bad guy.....just mis-understood by the media
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    Nice avatar.

    The star incident will earn him a lot of hatred, and rightly so.

    That said, the thread author's topic is right on the :money:
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    It made sense on ESPN this morning when LeBatard was talking about it also.
  13. Hostile

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    Sooner or later he had to get lucky and make some sense.
  14. big dog cowboy

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    I find he isn't that much in left field when I watch him on PTI. Because I don't have anything to compare that to I just assumed he was like that normally. But the way some people talk about him......not good.
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    You can't do that?:eek:
  16. littlewebs

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    Everyone with first-hand experiences with him have had mostly positive things to say with the exception of Garcia, McNabb, and Reid. I always thought it was interesting how no one on the Eagles stood up for McNabb when this whole TO ordeal happened last year. Probably because they were all slightly bitter that McNabb got a huge contract extension with multiple years left on his current deal and the Eagles brass wouldn't do the same for anyone else.

    TO became unhappy with his situation exactly twice and orchestrated his way out of it, albeit in an inappropriate way. Perhaps he saw no other way out. If we win games and pay TO like he deserves to be paid, I don't see him being a problem. And the Cowboys can do both of those things.

    THUMPER Papa

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    Um, Hugh Douglas did and got slapped for his trouble. I think it is more an issue of the players not wanting to get involved in ANYTHING than that they were against McNabb.
  18. littlewebs

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    I seem to remember Douglas getting slapped for calling TO out on faking injuries. Not for defending McNabb.

    You may be right about not wanting to get involved, but I just don't remember any teammates coming to Donovan's defense after the Favre comments. I got the sense that there were more guys in the Eagles' lockerroom on TO's side than we were led to believe.
  19. Mansta54

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    Thats's a fact and those same guys went to Reid and wanted TO back on the team. McNabb didn't have the teams support and it got worse as the season went on..
  20. jterrell

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    TO is a complete egomaniac. He is also much less charismatic than say Michael Irvin.

    It has been stated many times that he is Deion Sanders and I think that is an excellent comparision.

    The guy is out to make his money and make his plays and win his games and gets his proper respect.

    TO forced his way outta SF because he saw they were going to lose for a long time, possibly the rest of his career.

    He went to the Eags all excited and performed like a real star then felt slighted by McNabb who may well have been htreatened by just how many of the plays the offense made were simply quick tosses to TO. But the real problem came when Eagles management wanted to deal with his money issues by telling him they had his name on a contract and owned his services. A lot of regular guys would quit(look for another job at least then smilingly hand in 2 weeks notice) in those circumstances. In the NFL there is only one league so you can't simply quit. TO turned into the biggest pain int he teams side ever. He wanted to make sure they owned his services on the field but he was not gonna simply obey like they literally owned him. Short of it is he got his way and Eagles management got egg on the face when he went to their biggest rival without even as much as a draft pick in trade. They 'might' end up with a 4th round compensatory selecton for their troubles while TO is expected to get double digit TDs for Dallas. Odds are about even for total receiving TDs by TO and the Eagles WR corps.

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