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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by skinsscalper, Apr 25, 2012.

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    Was just watching BSPN and they had a segment on the Cowboys and listed and interesting stat: The Dallas Cowboys are the only team in the league to not draft a DB in the first three rounds since 2009. Given our struggles in the defensive backfield, it's discouraging to know that the powers that be have been asleep at the wheel regarding upgrades in the secondary through the draft. Especially considering the high FA price tag to fix it in FA.
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    That's just two drafts. Given they spent two high draft picks in 2009 and had a (then) top CB under contract for those years, it's not a very surprising statistic. What you would expect in that scenario is some late round picks hoping to hit on a developmental player. It's just that we didn't hit on any.
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    It's three drafts. Jenkins was drafted in 2008. The next-highest DB that year was Scandrick in the fifth round. The highest DB since then was Owusu-Ansa in the fourth.

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