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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Qwickdraw, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. Qwickdraw

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    The Dallas Cowboys have never selected an Offensive Lineman in the 1st round of the draft.

    Amazing isn't it?

    The highest pick ever used on an O-Lineman by Dallas was #38 (2nd round) for Flozell Adams.

    Don't you think it's about time we did?

    Jonathan Ogden
    Walter Jones
    Orlando Pace
    Willie Roaf
    Tarik Glenn

    All 1st rounders.
  2. Anguillidae

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    We should pick Winston Justice or Eric Winston in the first round, and then get the o-line coach and Kevin Berry from Green Bay. That would fix our tackle problems.
  3. burmafrd

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    Look at how many first rds are busts. Then compute the money you pay them. Its a lot cheaper to go later and the results are usually about as good. The sure fire supposedly can't miss #1's- look how many of them flame out or are no more then average.
  4. BlueStarDude

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    But "never" isn't true. We took Howard Richards out of Missouri with the 26th pick in 1981. Also, in 1979 we took a center with the 27th pick. Going back, there were a few others as well.

    So, Jerry Jones has never selected OL in round one. But, OTH, Bill Parcells has.
  5. CrazyCowboy

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    I believe we should pick the most talented player available when we pick.....get lineman where ever possible....draft, FA, trade....just fix that line!
  6. Qwickdraw

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    I had a feeling someone would post that.

    I meant since the current draft method (1982).

    I stand corrected but 24 years? Seems like forever.
  7. BlueStarDude

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    Cool. You're basic point was right on. I think there's a good chance we either trade down in the first round or trade out of it completely (similar to 2004), and don't take a lineman in round 1.
  8. Bobo

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    Not necessarily time. All those guys are LT's, and we have a good LT. Most other positions on the line are not 1st round picks. The sad thing is, this team has invested more high picks on the line with less return than any team I see.

    With the draft being deep at OT, I think we could get a Petteti replacement after the 1st.
  9. baj1dallas

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    Petiti was a 6th round pick just last year so it's not likely you're going to get an upgrade after the first round or maybe the second. OTOH if you don't have RT as a number one priority anyway maybe you just need competition for Petiti, you don't need to spend a first rounder there for that.
  10. fortdick

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    We have a first round tackle - Columbo. Taking a lineman in the first is a huge gamble. I still think we trade the pick for some later round picks and hope to improve next year's option when we have to look at QB.
  11. Hostile

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    Oh yes we have. 4 of them in fact.

    1964, OT Scott Appleton of Texas with the 4th overall pick.

    1966, OG John Niland of Iowa with the 6th overall pick.

    1979, C Robert Shaw of Tennessee with the 27th overall pick.

    1981, OT Howard Richards of Missouri with the 26th overall pick.

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