Interesting Draft Trade Talk on Sirius NFL Radio (C. Johnson)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CoachHodnett, Apr 8, 2008.

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    I don't see him as a headcase. Compare the situation in Cincy versus the situation in Dallas. Cinci is toxic. The front office/coaching doesn't seem to have a very good handle on its players; witness last year's off-the-field crap, not just w/ Henry but others. He manages to stay away from that. If the guy's a worker, that sort of thing would frustration the heck out of him.

    In Dallas, he'd have a better QB, a reliable WR opposite him and excellent TE picking up the slack. A better defense.

    Dallas is not Cinci. The situation is so much better. Winning has a way of making guys walk a straight line. I say bring him on, let the media say waht they're gonna say and let CJ (like Owens) prove them wrong.
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    What about now?

    Hardy is .3 seconds faster. What does that translate to? 5-10 yards?
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    Seriously? This is how you want to debate me on this? He had a horrible time GURU. Do you want me to lay down and wash your feet?

    I SAID it would all be based on how he showed today.

    If he had a blazing speed and could jump the Empire State building, I wouldn't be having this discussion with you. I also wouldn't be searching threads to pull out something you posted to try and call you out on it.


    Another thing. I dont care what his numbers are. There is no better possession WR in this draft than MK. Ill still say that.
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    in a SECOND. absolutely.

    I dont consider Chad Johnson a "headcase". A "diva" maybe, but not a headcase.
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    I think some of you need to actually look up Chad Johnson's stats. He stays in the Pro Bowl and catches tons of passes...every year. All this stuff gets blown up. And people seem to love to hate. TD made as much noise here as Chad is there with the Walker issue.

    Chad Johnson is worth a 22 or 28 any day of the week. And why not give them Akin. He's unlikely to contribute much this year anyway. Actually I don't see them wanting Akin anyway. I also don't see them giving up Chad although I guess it is possible.
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    I agree. Look at Corey Dillon. He wanted out of Cinci really bad, and everyone thought he was a trouble maker until he went to a team that was all about competing. I think that if CJ came here, he would love it, because he knows that Jerry wants to win, and will pay to make that happen. Jerry isn't one of the best owners in the NFL for nothing....

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