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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Sam I Am, May 22, 2012.

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    I'm a science junkie as most of you know. I came across a fellow science junkie who posted this image along with this text.

    Interesting result.

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    I once dated a super hippie who turned out to be a complete nut, but she always referred to microwaves as a "death box." That was one thing she was right about and I'm glad I stopped using them for a lot of things. I'd much rather wait and heat things up in the oven.
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    I always thought it was common knowledge that you weren't supposed to microwave water to a boil...?
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  5. Sam I Am

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    I hate them too. My wife likes to heat everything up in them. I refuse and use the stove / oven to heat my stuff up. They make bread/pasta rubbery. (though covering it with a wet paper towel helps) The only time I do use it is if I eat microwave popcorn. That isn't very often.
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    A few years ago, each time I would go to Gmail, my browser would crash. By comparison, I could go to Yahoo mail without any issues. Using the logic of the science experiment in the original post, that would mean Gmail is unreliable and may crash everyone's computer.

    What type of container was the water boiled in when in the microwave? Some containers generate toxins in microwaves especially if heated for long periods of time.

    Were the plants/seeds purchased from the same place and from the same source?

    Is she sure the microwaved water plant did not have any infestations or infections?

    Did she use the same amount of water in both plants?

    Did she verify the cool-down temperature were at the exact same level before watering each plant?

    Did each plant have the exact same angle and exposure levels and durations to light?

    Did she do anything else to the plants during that period such as touching them, the soil, etc.?

    And the last thing .. did she test using more than one set of plants? If not, then it would be like comparing two humans with one only drinking water their whole life and the other tea their whole life and judging which liquid is better for you simply by which one dies first.

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    Just here to provide a little tidbit on how microwaves work so you can learn something new today. When radiation (ex.microwaves) comes in contact with the molecules that constitute the matter you have in the microwave, the molecules rise in energy and begin to bend, scissor, and push & pull intramolecularly. Now since a molecule has other molecules around it, the movement causes friction between molecules which produces heat. Also in most reactions involving heat or light source, it causes free radicals to be released. Free radicals are extremely unstable and will react with many molecules. My guess is that this might be a reason on the growth disparity between both plants.
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    I had heard that microwave ovens are one of the safest ways to cook food. Food cooked in a microwave has the lowest amount of carcinogens.

    The worst: barbecue and broiling. Open flames and high heat produce the most carcinogens. I think something like anything over 400 deg F is bad for the food.

    I heard Japan has one of the highest rates of stomach cancer which is surprising since the typical Japanese diet is very good. They think it might have to do with the Japanese eating a lot of food (fish) cooked over an open flame.
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    Microwaves do not produce free radicals. They simply don't have enough energy to cause chemical reactions. Now, the heating they provide - that can produce chemical reactions. But that's from the heat, and is no different from any other heating method.
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    Funny, that website did 3 trials on the same study, and NONE of theirs look at all like the original.

    It makes you wonder if she really did compromise the result since their seems to be very little evidence that water in the microwave is any worse than normal water.

    I don't quite understand the point of the study anyways, why would you want to boil water to feed to plants?

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