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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. LatinMind

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    On todays Cowboys Break they said that for the last month of the season Jerome Henderson wasnt involved with the team def meetings. They didnt have alot of info there but said things werent right with the Def staff.

    They also said Eberflus was always with Ryan everywhere.

    Baker could be gone to the college ranks.

    So maybe not everybody was on board with the way the def was being run, and maybe that lead to the changes at DC instead of Ryan being a scapegoat.

    I was going to past this earlier but i had a busy day and forgot.
  2. Teague31

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    The plot thickens
  3. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Rob Ryan was not a good fit in Dallas....
  4. LatinMind

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    I think he wouldve been perfect if he wouldve kept himself in check
  5. Zordon

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    the more details like this that come out, the more i think jason was the one who canned rob.
  6. batman36

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    I don't think Rob's persona meshes with Jason's at all, and ultimaley, that lead to the departure. Sure, Jerry may have pulled the trigger, but I think Jason wanted a change long ago.
  7. theebs

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    eberflus and ryan walked step for step with each other everywhere.

    everyweek they would come out of the tunnel and do a lap around the field and stand right next to each other.

    It looked like one was a translator for the other one or something.

    so anyone who thinks eberflus stays, no way.
  8. LatinMind

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    Yeah thats what they were saying today. Eberflus is pretty much gone.
  9. dupree89

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    How could this be possible? Note: I am not doubting you or the source...I am asking how it's possible for an organization to operate this way.
  10. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Eatman was also saying that Ryan would skip meetings. These are defensive meetings mind you. It sounded like it's just the product of a sloppy environment where the leader is not accountable thus no one else is.

    In my experience when you work with people you don't get along with you avoid them.
  11. Leadbelly

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    Seems odd that Ryan would then be surprised at getting let go. But I agree the insights were interesting and Garrett/Ryan weren't a love connection.

    Though, Eatman was also saying once a guy's gone, suddenly everything comes out and you can't necessarily believe it all. Every little problem gets assigned to the guy who's no longer around to defend himself. Every draft bust was wanted by that coach. Every molehill becomes a mountain. etc.
  12. dart

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    lets hope Monte brings in Raheem Morris
  13. dupree89

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    I have to believe that Rob Ryan bailing on def. meetings is something Garrett didnt know about- because the head coach would certainly put an end to that...or I would hope. I find faults with JG, but I dont think for a minute he would let this happen. He seems very good at planning, organizing, attention to details etc.
  14. vegas777

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    So Ryan wasn't at the meetings according to the same show a few days ago. Henderson wasn't at the meetings. Eberflus was always with Ryan everywhere (obvisously not at the meeting since Ryan wasn't there). I find it hard to believe 2 or 3 coaches weren't at the defensive meetings. IF this is true, and that's a big IF, who was running the meetings Sean Lee? I'm not buying this. Sorry. This is the only show that is info is coming from. Frankly I don't care if Ryan was fired or not. I honestly think he and defensive coaches did a good job getting players off their couch on Thursday to be able to play on Sunday.
  15. dupree89

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    :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

  16. Mansta54

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    They also said that Baker and Henderson were very well liked around VR and they were good teachers and brought a lot of energy to the team.
  17. LatinMind

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    yeah i think the only one who leaves is eberflus
  18. TheFinisher

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    We needed to make this lockerroom more Garrett friendly. Ryan was a cancer.

  19. CowboysLegend365

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    Idk....I mean if this is true why would the PLAYERS of all people be surprised...their tweets like "***" & "I'm hurting right now" make it seem like he was there leading them 24/7
  20. Hoofbite

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    Just piling on after a guy is gone.

    Pretty much how it goes.

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