Twitter: Interesting Jason Garrett W-L stat

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by lqmac1, Oct 31, 2013.

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    The problem is that with all the changes, all of the influx of talent, changing of coordinators, we have not improved an IOTA. We are still a .500 team. That is on coaching/front office. We are taking all of the talent and driving right back into mediocre land over and over. We improve our secondary, same results. We improve our O line, same results. This shows that talent is not only not being utilized, it is in fact being neutered.
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    which is why we remain a 500 club (sigh) beat the teams we should...lose to the top tier teams.
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    supposedly we have gotten more talented the last couple of years. If our coaching supposedly is as good as some claim it is, should we not be seeing a increase in wins; and starting to beat the winning teams?

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