Interesting Lacewell quote on Ratliff

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by gimmesix, Nov 19, 2013.

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    No kidding. He's already been a solid contributor. He's already been way better than almost anyone could have expected. I'm betting the people who don't like him didn't like the draft pick when we made it.
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    Two excellent corners?
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    Old age and Jerry not making players train with the team.. it was almost to be expected. While Ware isn't that old he has a lot of miles. We need a complete overhaul on the D-Line. Marinelli is making the most of what he has but they haven't been making many plays lately, every coach needs SOME talent.
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    Some level of injuries was expected. But Crawford and Bass are young players, too. And having two of the vets never even play a snap was beyond what we should have anticipated. Especially with Spencer only, what, 30?

    Next year was obviously the year they'd prepared to start rotating over the DL, but the wheels fell off a year early in a big, big way. We should have maybe expected a couple flat tires. Maybe having to replace one altogether. But not six at the mid-season mark.
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    Please don't misunderstand my criticisms as being down on him, in fact, I'm still pleasantly surprised by how much he has contributed this year and I am optimistic about his future.

    Sorry if that came out wrong.
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    True, hopefully the likes of Ratliff didn't rub off on them and this situation taught Jerry a lesson. Very wishful thinking I know
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    Again, Monte. If you feel that gives you some justification to hate...I feel bad for you. There was a lot of controversy surrounding time management of that game...and JG took responsibility. It was assumed he was going to call a time out. Should Ogletree and Austin assumed a time-and not hustled back? No! But is that one mistake a reason to forever hate a player? Wow...I would hope not.
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    Why does lace well keep saying we?

    This loser needs to go away. Parcells dismissed you 10 years ago. Too bad he didn't stay that way.
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    That's on Jerry.

    As long as he keeps calling Lacewell, he will keep talking, giving his useless advice.
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    They are going to call up mike Zimmer in a few weeks. He will be the next head coach here in about two months.

    This article confirms it was lace well that got Jerry to switch to the 4-3 and hire grandpa Kiffin.

    It's completely asinine this is how this organization operates. A guys go has nothing to do with the organization is the swing vote on which defense we play and essentially he hires the coach.
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    Great article...
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    I did enjoy this article, I understand the theory back in the last off-season leading up to and including the draft. (About the no-need for Dlinemen). This just shows how flawed that idea was, as in no depth behind the projected starters apart from Crawford. And yes, the only player I would really hold onto for next year is Selvie, of the street free agents.
    Being out in the Islands, I don't hear or see all the goings on that most in the Dallas area do - so I have a question for this off season. That maybe some of you guys can help with. We will stay with the 4-3, will all the coach's be the same ? Yet to be determined, so, we need to restock the Dline. And not just a top draft pick or two, but depth as well. Which gets me to my question - can someone tell me what the hell happened with Marvin Austin ? Apart from the back injury, why not IR him, I would think he would have been perfect as a rotational player for us. Was there more to the story than just a bad back, cause I haven't seen or heard anything. I keep hopeing that he will be bought in and given a futures contract at years end, so he can get with Marrinelli, get his weight down and train. He would be ideal to put in as a low cost rotational player - not starter. If he could get a solid off-season in. Or, am I missing something ???
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    It seems like no one in the media bothered to ask about Austin, or maybe they did and decided it was a non-story. Was he just waived/injured because it was a better alternative to IR, or did he rub the coaching staff the wrong way in what little time he spent here?
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    I did not take it that way but I understand what you are saying. My main contention was that it is foolish to look at Austin and believe that we are better without him then we are with him at this point in the teams development. His salary is basically neutral. I'm really hoping that his presence opens up the offense, going forward.

    I feel like Tony has kind of gone away from Williams a little bit and that's making our Offense more predictable.
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    I was at this ballgame. And yes that effort back to the line was poor. But any idiot that knows anything about football should have known to call a TO right then and there and worry about gaining yards on the next play followed by a hurry up and down situation.

    Garrett (and to a shared degree the officiating in that ballgame) lost the game. Again.
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    Miles isn't a traitor but he sure as hell can't be counted on. His contract really hurt us too.
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    ABSOLUTELY remember this.

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    I agree with this. His contract did hurt us but because so much of it was front loaded, it's kind of a done deal. Going forward, we really need him.

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