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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by houstonwhodat, Nov 6, 2012.

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    Hi All,

    By now everyone has heard the hullabaloo concerning Sean Payton and that his contract has been voided by the NFL.

    But don't think it has been discussed as to the reasons why that "escape clause" was inserted by Sean Payton into his contract.

    Evidently, Saints owner Tom Benson, who is 85 years old this year, has designated his grand daughter Rita Benson LeBlanc to be the heir of the team whenever he passes away.

    Must be some friction between GM Mickey Loomis and Rita and maybe SP and Rita. The clause was inserted by SP to escape his contract should Mickey Loomis ever leave the organization.

    Evidently Rita Benson LeBlanc is a spoiled little B and has gone through 30 personal assistants in the last 6 years. Tom Benson even suspended her from the organization for a couple of months till she straightened up.

    This could mean many things but sounds like everything is not exactly hunky dory in Saintsville.

    [redacted remark]....

  2. StevenOtero

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  3. juck

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    He isnt coming to Dallas unless Brees comes lol We arent that lucky
  4. Frozen700

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    eh, off season should be an exciting 1
  5. Aven8

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    Heard Werder on GAC earlier. Werder and SP are real close, said that he would love to come here. He coaches his sons team here and could work for Jerry. Said BP is his consultant. This thing my be picking up steam. It's the perfect match really. Jerry knows and loves him, he call his own plays, and he lives here already.

    Please let this happen.
  6. theogt

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    The thing that excites me is that it's becoming a foregone conclusion that Garrett is gone.
  7. dexternjack

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    Payton is the only coach out there to make Jerry second-guess his decision this early on Garrett.

    But, is it a foregone conclusion SP's extension has been voided or is it heresay that it might be? I have heard both scenarios and Roger may not allow that to happen.

    As long as he is unemployed w/o a contract ext., Jason better be squirming because this isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
  8. big dog cowboy

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    They always are.
  9. The Quest for Six

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    Payton isn't coming to Dallas, Saints have Brees, Cowboys have Romo, who would you rather have as your quarterback...hands down Brees and you wouldn't have to deal with Jerry...
  10. Supercowboy1986

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    its like the stars (no pun intended) are aligning for us.:D
  11. juck

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    +1 unless we trade Romo to say AZ and get a 1st and draft a QB for Payton to rebuild with. Wish we could get Brees and Payton lol.
  12. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    Money talks, Payton believes in Romo & has talked very highly of him several times.. Dallas is home...
  13. dexternjack

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    Double the salary and have the opportunity to live close to your children trumps Drew Brees. And Romo is not exactly a slouch either.

    I agree though, we are wishing upon a star here but at least it gives me hope to think there is a chance(insert funny Dumb-n-Dumber clip).
  14. houstonwhodat

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    Here's the thing.

    I love the Saints, Sean Payton and Drew Brees. The Cowboys are my second team.

    But being in a small media market, neither SP or Drew get the credit they deserve. Drew should have been league MVP by now but keeps getting passed up for the likes of P Manning, Brady and Rodgers.

    If Payton left the Saints the only place I would want to see him go would be Dallas. In Dallas the media would be all over it and SP loves the spotlight.

    If Jerrah would step back a bit (ala Mark Cuban), SP could straighten out the Dallas franchise. But Jerry has to remove himself and just write checks.

    Romo is no Brees but what Romo lacks is a mentor who can provide leadership and direction. Brees was not the Brees of today at San Diego. It wasn't until he teamed up with SP that he became a HOF QB. SP and Brees talk about life in general on a daily basis, not just football.

    You put Romo together with someone like SP and his whole game would change for the better. Everyone knows it. How would Romo have done if Jimmy Johnson was his coach? Look what he did for Aikman.

    Today on WWL 870 in New Orleans Bobby Hebert was speculating that SP loves challenges and it would only prove how good of a coach he is if he left, went to Dallas and won another Lombardi. He and Brees are godlike in NOLA and he would have the same effect in Dallas.

    And don't forget, Drew is a Texas boy born and raised in Austin. You can't tell me that when he was growing up the Cowboys weren't his favorite team. No way was it the Saints.

    I don't want to see Drew leave the Saints but I would like to see him get the recognition he deserves. He's not done winning Lombardi's trust me.

    Still don't know that type of "escape clause" is in Drew's contract if any at all.

    This is a scary situation.
  15. Turf Toe

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    I don't see Jerry paying fat $$ for Payton while eating Jason's dead money.
  16. burmafrd

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    From a pragmatic point of view the Saint's are a disaster as regards their D.

    the part about Benson's granddaughter- I have heard other stories about her. She is a real piece of work.

    Coldly weighing the various factors its maybe a slim possibility.

    SP would have to consider Jerruh and whether he could really run the show like he wants to.

    SP would want at least as much control as BP had.
  17. MoClaiborne24

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    Please let this happen, c'mon Cowboys, get it done...

    This would be a great move.
  18. Kimball19

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    Of course I'm biased as a Saints fan, but as someone who lives in Dallas and gets to hear and see the workings of this organization up close, I can't reconcile how today's Sean Payton would fit the role of the Cowboys head coach. He's an alpha, as is Jerry. Tom Benson lets Sean and Mickey call the shots, while he writes the checks. Nobody else runs that show but Sean Payton. That's an ideal employment situation.

    People suggest that he could spend more time with his kids if he lived in Dallas. But how much more time? From the stories I've read and heard, quality time with the family is scarce during the season for any head coach, regardless of where their kids are located. Besides it's just a 50 minute plane ride on Benson's private jet, if need be.

    People mention money as a motivator, but Benson can match any offer put on the table. Ten years ago, Benson was regarded as cheap. Everything he's done since 2006 indicates otherwise. The Saints won't necessarily overpay players, but Benson is generous with people he deems worthy. I'm certain Payton is on that list. Benson purchased the Hornets and recently offered to purchase the local newspaper. He's ok with investing money in a product he believes in.

    He's paying Mickey Loomis to manage the Hornets and the Saints; and he gave Sean a job with the Hornets as well so he could earn money while on suspension. This isn't the cheap Tom Benson from years gone by. He's tasted success and he wants to keep it going. His pockets are fatter and his purse strings are looser than they ever were.

    People bring up the fact that Sean and Jerry are friends as a reason he'd want to come to Dallas. Pre-existing friendships don't necessarily make for good superior/subordinate working relationships. Partnerships? Perhaps. I have good friends I could never work for.

    Maybe the reason they're able to stay friends is because Sean left when he did. Sean and Parcells are also friends. Sean sees Parcells as a father figure; a mentor. I wonder what advice the father would impart upon the son about working as a head coach for their good friend Jerry?

    Sean was ready to take a Raiders coaching job and Parcells talked him out of it. There are quite a few similarties between the Raiders and Cowboys, IMO.

    The sole reason this is even an issue is because Payton wants to ensure his ties to Mickey Loomis; he wants to work for and answer to that GM. How does a person with that kind of mindset (being very particular about who they answer to and wanting that type of control) fit into Jerry's world?

    It wasn't that long ago that this organization had everyone thinking Nnamdi Asomugha was packing his bags and headed to Dallas to get fitted for his new sliver and blue digs. Just because the Dallas Cowboys want something doesn't mean they always get it. There are other owners out there with deep pockets; there are other locales more desirable.
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    Excellent post.
  20. JackWagon

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    This is the only way for Jerry to pull this out of the ditch. Cause at this rate he is just getting himself more and more stuck.

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