Interesting playoff rushing stat

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by coult44, Jan 11, 2014.

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    sure. This weekend certainly prove that

    oh, wait....
  2. Idgit

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    If you score at a faster rate than the other guys, it seems like out scoring them would work, too.

    This is why we beat bad teams and lose to teams with good QBs. With our pass defense, we can't out score teams who throw the ball effectively.
  3. IrishAnto

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    You can be aggressive and run the ball.

    A 50 yard touchdown run is as good as a 50 yard touchdown pass.

    Equally you can be overaggressive and make mistakes and end up loosing.

    It works both ways and good teams can vary their game when the situation requires it.

    One dimensional teams rarely get far.
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    Did anyone see Peyton throw on 4 out of 9 plays to run out the last 3:51 against SD? Last year against BAL, Peyton handed the ball off 5 straight times to try and run out the clock. They had to punt with a minute left and Flacco hit that Hail Mary and DEN lost. There is no magical formula that says if you run x numbers of times you automatically win. You have to do what you do best and for Dallas it is usually throwing the ball. They lost to GB because they gave up 35 second half points, not because of play calling.
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    True, but GB probably doesn't have the time to score 35 points if we ran the ball another 6 -9 times in the second half.

    We could still have scored the 10 points as we were averaging 7.5 yards a carry and 6.5 yards a pass.

    As you say you have to do what the game dictates and that may well be running the ball.
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    yep, this weekend teams that won shied away from the run game because it does not produce plays that actually win games

    good point
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    That's just not true. Romo only missed on 5 passes in the second half before the pick and two were dropped. The used a lot of clock on their 2 long scoring drives by mixing in throws and runs. GB would not have needed 35 points to win if they went run heavy, they would've been leading midway thru the 4th instead of late in the 4th.
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    Well the other issue is the other team is probably NOT fielding a defense in contention for worst ever to play the game. Why get in a horse race when yours only has 2 legs?
  9. Idgit

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    I should say, because a couple posters have mentioned it now, that I'm in Vegas this weekend and have barely caught any of the games other than the Denver game, so I can't speak to that small sample directly.

    But, from my experience, teams that win running the ball do so because they also make it very difficult on the other team's passing offense. This obviously works fine in a game where it all comes down to passing differential. It just as obviously would not have worked for this year's Dallas Cowboys.
  10. Idgit

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    I agree with this completely. And it's completely on Jason Garrett to do so. So far, he's been unable to.
  11. BrAinPaiNt

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    When talking about the low running totals of the PREVIOUS season...
    "We have to run the ball better," said Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett. During Camp

    "Obviously we want to have more balance, not only more balance at the end of the game but more balance throughout the game," coach Jason Garrett said Monday, per The Dallas Morning News. "We have to run the ball more than 16 times in the game, and we have to be able to run it throughout the game. We just simply have to do a better job of that." After the KC Game

    “We just didn’t get it done,” Garrett said. “We have to be more balanced. We have to give the run game more opportunity to get going. We have to run it better.” After the Vikings game

    “We should have run the ball more in the second half,” coach Jason Garrett said Monday morning on 105.3 The Fan. “There’s no question about that.” After the Packers Game

    Sensing a trend here.

    For those that don't think the Running Game is important. The HC says other wise...of course who knows what to believe with him because he says they need to do better with it and yet continually abandons it.
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    Great research here and a clear indicator of the same-old, same-old we're getting from this guy.

    How many times does he himself have to see this pattern of failure before doing everything he can to change it?

    Talk is cheap and we've been getting the same tired rhetoric for far too long.

    And any talk of running with a 'comfortable lead' has no merit either, because in Garrett's world, there is no such thing.

    24 points, 26 points, it doesn't matter. He's still throwing it. So everyone should have the keystrokes on that fable.

    This same pattern has been happening and costing this team games for three consecutive years now.

    Heck, even Joe Buck knows how to call a better game.

    And the success in the playoffs are showing a clear connection with an effective running game and winning.
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  13. bsheeern

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    Go for a first down because your defense isn't seattles
  14. IrishAnto

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    How exactly is an extra 6-9 runs in the second half run heavy???

    We lost with a pass happy approach didn't we?

    Tell me how we couldn't have scored just a many points with and extra 6-9 carries, and given GB at least a couple of minutes less time to mount a comeback?

    Mixing throws and runs is the key here, just a few less throws and a few more runs.
  15. bkight13

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    You can't play the game in reverse knowing the results ahead of time. They played the game in front of them and decided to keep trying to score as opposed to focusing solely on the clock. I guess you would pick the five incomplete passes to switch to runs and not the numerous completed passes that led to points.

    Either way GB scored TDs on five straight drives. They lost because of the Defense. Period.
  16. IrishAnto

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    They lost because the the defense gave up five stright TD drives and the offense could only score 10 points in the second half and coughed up the ball twice. Period!

    And frankly watching the game (even in the first half) I was shouting for them to run the ball more, so I wasn't playing the game in reverse.
  17. bkight13

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    So even though they scored on 8 of their first 10 drives that wasn't good enough for you because they weren't running it enough. Wow.
  18. arglebargle

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    As far as the Green Bay game goes, I think it was a screw up. When you are making 8 yards at a clip running, you just keep going. Especially when your defense is foundering.

    But even having Adrian Peterson doesn't mean you get the playoff card automatically.
  19. Tawney88

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    It isn't hard if you are running the ball well you continue to run the ball. Specifically when you have a historically bad defense. You control the ball and the clock by running the ball keeping your historically bad defense off the field. It isn't hard.
  20. IrishAnto

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    Obviously not, they lost a game they had no business loosing.

    I'm more concerned about finding ways to win games and if that involves a little more running and a little less passing then I'm fine with that.

    Once this team's QB attempts more that 35-37 passes in a game the chances of loosing increase dramatically.

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