Interesting Sirius NFL Interview regarding QBs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Apr 4, 2014.

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    I meant QB prospect

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    What has Luck shown that his ceiling is higher than Brady's other than a strong arm?
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    lots of interceptions so far.
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    That was Rich Gannon and Kurt Warner going back and forth. Kurt was the one that mentioned that Manziel has to have an offense made for him.
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    A 5th thru 7th in this Years DEEP QB Draft could end up being the "next" Tom Brady....who was taken in the 6th.
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    I agree that with good coaching and working with a raw talent good things could happen. I do wonder if this staff and ownership would be better off drafting a quarterback in the first round. Last time they did it was in 1989 with Aikman and then Walsh in the supplemental.
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    Tom Brady and Tony Romo are once in a generation happenings. Like Johnny Unitas was. Why don't you look at all the QBs drafted in round 6 and lower and those UDFA's and see how many ever got a single start. In the last 20 years you will find that number rather small.
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    It was Phil Simms who was being interviewed on Sirrius XM. He does take the time to study the QB's in the draft and is a good interview to listen to. I agree with is assessment of Manziel, that you can't draft him then try to make him a pocket passer. You have to let him play his game and change your plan to his strrengths. Phil will be on with Jim and Pat closer to the draft to go through these QBs more completely.

    BTW, Simms thinks Murray is the QB who is the most NFL ready from this class. He is the only QB who can look off defenders. Too bad he had that injury......
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  9. SilverStarCowboy

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    In this years Draft there are 12 Top flight QBs all with similar Grades and not much separating them.
  10. Cowboy Brian

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    Aaron Murray has all the ability to be a legacy-creator, not a coach-killer.

    Bortles is Gabbart V2
  11. DFWJC

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    Brian Billick said he's be very nervous about taking any of them in the top 15, but that need will tempt teams to go for it. He then correctly said that one thing he knows with absolute certainty is that "need is a terrible talent evaluator".

    I suspect there will be several QBs in this draft that end up starters. I'm just not sure any will be stars--which is what you hope from a top 5 or 10 pick.
  12. jterrell

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    No offense but saying there isn't a clear once a decade QB talent is a huge leap from saying there are no picks worthy of top 10 draft status. If you redrafted all the past 10 drafts Luck would still go first overall.

    This is a phenomenal QB draft class compared to virtually any year. No it isn't some once in a lifetime class but it is far better than average.

    It would not at all surprise me to see 6 guys from this class end up starting over 20 NFL games.
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  13. Verdict

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    I think there is a substantial chance that some of the QBs from this draft class turn out to be serviceable starters in the league and have decent careers. But that isn't really the issue that I originally posted about.

    There are three guys from this draft class that are being touted as "first round QBs". Right now no one below the top three are viewed even as first rounders ... let alone top 15 picks.

    The original question is whether or not of the top three QB's do any merit a top 15 pick (as they are viewed TODAY.... not 5 years from now.) There are a substantial number of informed people that do not think they merit a top 15 pick.
  14. Verdict

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    It sounds like Billick's evaluation is pretty much identical to the guy that I was referring to in my original post.
  15. jterrell

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    Actually that's untrue on point 1 and not sure point 2 is saying much.

    Derek Carr and Garrapolo have been mentioned as possible late 1sts. Not likely but very possible.
    It depends how far other guys fall. So there are more than 3 guys teams like a lot. In fact there are probably 6 or 7 different guys all on some NFL teams top 3 QB list.

    Again, no one is suggesting there is a consensus franchise QB in this draft. Even when there is such a consensus those guys often fail because QB is a real tough position to play in the NFL.

    But this is a really strong QB draft and the position is very deep in this draft. There is a QB there for everyone. There just isn't one guy that everyone wants.

    I wouldn't draft a WR or OL top 15 EVER. But a starting QB even if he is only a mid-level starter is a bargain in the top 10 picks. The position simply has that kind of value and pay scale.

    I expect Bridgewater, Manziel and Carr all start year 1. Depending upon situation Bortles as well.

    If the Cowboys had cut TR this off-season there isn't a person alive who'd be saying OMG you can't draft a QB at 16.
  16. joseephuss

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    I would. Romo can retire today and I don't think Dallas should draft a QB at 16 or move up to get one. I just don't see any of the available QBs worth that type of pick no matter the need.

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