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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Irving Cowboy, Jun 16, 2005.

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    So here I am, in the middle of the Persian Gulf, and the New England Patriot cheerleaders come out for a USO tour for a few hours today... it's hot as hell out here by the way, so the clothing they got to wear, well, let's just say it was minimal...

    Anyway, so they are up on the stage, and they take 4 Sailors up on stage with them and each cheerleader would ask a stupid question to her Sailor, like the first one was "Who is the Patriot's starting QB?" and "Who is the Patriot's head coach?".... (believe it or not the guy who was asked that couldn't answer it... lol). So the third girl asks the guy "How many Super Bowls have the Patriots won?" so I yell out, "NOT AS MANY AS THE DALLAS COWBOYS!!" and the cheerleader who asked the question kind of sneered at me but two of the other ones kind of chuckled... the fourth one, I don't think she got it... But it got a rise out of my fellow Cowboys fans out there though!!

    Just thought I'd share my good deed for the day with you guys... lol.
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    Good Job IC :D

    Gotta let 'em know where they stand ;)
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    Bravo! Bravo! :bravo:

    :laugh2: Classic...
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    Great story and Great job IC.

    I love when the USO tours would come around.

    When I was in Korea they had a bunch of the Miss America contestants come around and put a show on.

    I got to be front and center because I was providing ambulance service that weekend and man alive Miss Texas YOWZA!! I yelled out go Dallas Cowboys cause she was wearing her Texas banner, Cowboy hat and boots. She winked and blew me a kiss.....I don't think I ever missed the US as much my time over there as I did that minute :D
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    Job well done Private !! (salute)
  7. Chief

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    Uggh. I know this type. There's a word for them.

    There's some potential with these two.

    There's always one of these in the group. Poor girl.

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