Interesting tweets about Dallas' draft

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by gimmesix, Apr 28, 2013.

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    Why? While I find the F harsh I've seen many opinions regarding "the reach" and how the WR and S back to back was strange due to their lack of experience. I hope they all turn out for us but these are all underlying claims.
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    The problem with his pulling is technique and foot work when you are a pulling lineman there should be very little "bowing" in your path, if you are bowing either you pull is done at the wrong depth or the defense is blowing up the rest of the line in your path and getting penetration. If you can keep a relatively straight line on your pull you should be able to get the kick out block on the edge guy very easily if you are the 1st of 2 pulling lineman. If you are the second pulling lineman which is hardly the case for a center but if you are you read the block of the first lineman and cut it up to take on the pursuit guys or maybe the safety/linebacker that is supposed to fill. Again you still should not bow and most of Frederick's pulls are "looping" pulls. There are instances where you may do this depending on the front or flow of the front 7, if your pull block is supposed to cut off the backside backer or MLB you may want to bow a little to get a better angle. But from what I have seen that is not the case with Frederick. If he stays at center I do not think it will be an issue with dallas since we do not pull our center a lot.
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    Holy crap Fred got pwnd on that play. Badly.

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