Internet " celebrities" and "professional gamers"

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    I keep hearing that popular youtubers and video game streamers can make a living if they commit to it full time and do it 10+ hours a day can make upwards to 60k a year and sometimes more. is this taxable? Not to make this a political debate about whether or not we should be paying taxes but something about others who allegedly make a living doing this, should be paying taxes like the rest of us. It's highly likely that they do not receive benefits (insurance 401k etc) but they better not be on Medicaid or collecting food stamps or using any public service that tax money pays for UNLESS they are contributing. Heck, if they are earning that much anyway they should be ineligible anyway. All though they may be "full time" it really isn't a job. I'm not sure how I feel about this trend (and no I'm not jealous by any means because I can barely sit at my computer for more then a couple of hours and take pride that I have a real job and contribute to society.) I guess what I'm really wanting to know is what you fellow czers think about this topic in general? I'm not sure why when I think of this, the first thing that comes to mind if they are being taxed or not.
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    Or course it is taxable. It's income.
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    I used to write for an online magazine a few years back... it was a part time, college job for me. The pay I received was always through paypal, but it was up to me to pay taxes on it. I assume it's the same for YouTube celebrities. I view them as independent contractors

    But I also think that YouTube helps grow your brand that contributes to the big bucks (money for appearances in public, merch sales, etc.).

    Interesting topic though. I honestly have no idea. But I assume they're treated as independent contractors?
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    I would think it's similar to Online Poker pros and the "Self Employment Tax" imposed. "That tax (equivalent to Social Security and Medicare) is 15.3% of the first $90,000 of income (2005 limits) and 2.9% thereafter."

    EDIT: They do pay taxes evidently, and there is detailed instructions for the youtube channel owners on how to file accurately.

    Hey YouTube Stars, Have You Filed Your 1099s?
    By [SIZE=+0]Nate Higgins[/SIZE] February 25, 2014
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