INTERVIEW: Q & A with Jim Jeffcoat

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    Jim Jeffcoat Answers Your Questions


    Honestly....he answered like a busy guy that just got asked a ton of questions...but he took the time....he came through, and it's always a treat....thanks to everyone who participated. There were a few he didn't want to answer....about the HOF...and I believe two others.

    What was it like going somewhere else to play after being on 1 team for
    years. What were some of the good and bad things? (mullified)

    It was refreshing to see a different way getting thing done I had an
    opportunity to play for a excellent Coach in Marv Levy and Excellent
    players such as Bruce Smith Ted Washington Jim Kelly Andre Reed Kent
    Hull To me it really didn't matter where I was playing as long as had
    the opportunity to contribute.

    I'd like to get your thoughts on the different coaches you played or
    for. Recognizing you probably need to be diplomatic in your answers, but
    of us never REALLY get to know how players view coaches. (OCF)

    Tom Landry was the smartest Coach or person I've ever been around
    Jimmy Johnson was the best motivator and let all of us in on his vision
    of what we could become. Barry Switzer was the most caring and that
    might have been his problem some assume that his kindness was a
    weakness. Marv Levy was alot like Landry very intelligent and a very
    good motivator Thought Chan Gailey Got a raw deal he had some
    outstanding qualities The same goes for Campo if given more power think
    he would had been an outstanding head coach

    The other day I was browsing some Dallas Cowboy youtube videos, one of
    videos I noticed was the Dallas Cowboy's 1986 Christmas special. I
    couldn't believe my eyes, you and the rest of the Cowboy squad were
    in succession like it was a musical! Could you shed some light on the
    filming for that special? Was it forced upon you guys or did you glady
    accept the roles? (tunatexasstyle)

    I thought they burned that tape? that was forced upon us........
    that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!!!!!

    How do you compare today's defensive lineman with those of year's past
    the sense of workout ethic, physical build, and how one approaches the

    To be successful at anything you have to put the time and effort in.
    regardless if 40 years ago or today the same thing applies there is no
    easy away around it.

    Which team in your Cowboy career had the toughest offense that made you
    excel to your full potential and any regrets on goals that you may not
    achieved. As Historian of this board I want to thank you from the bottom
    my heart for so many hard fought seasons that lighten up all of my
    friends hearts. You are a true hero and leader this team could have ever

    had. (drover)

    The 49er's and the Rams were probably the toughest offenses that I faced
    the only thing regret is not having the opportunity to play in a Pro
    Bowl because even with over a 100 sacks in my career I will never be
    consider for the HOF

    Besides the likes of Erik Williams , who you had to go up against in
    practice a lot , who would you consider the toughest offensive tackle
    played against ? (Doc)
    Mike Kenn from Atlanta he was an excellent

    Who was the dirtiest player you faced as a Cowboy, and what was the
    you ever got on the field? (SouthernStar)

    This Guy name Matt Darwin who clip me and fracture my ankle. The maddest
    I got was when in a game with the NY Jets they kept trying to chop Block
    me Chase the head coach in to the Tunnel

    Mr Jeffcoat...You've spent some time as an NFL position coach. Is
    something that you have further aspirations for...perhaps as a Head
    Coach, in
    either college or the NFL? (Azriel)

    I would love to have the opportunity to Coach again but the opportunity
    hasn't present yet it really doesn't matter if is College or
    Professional just as long it with a coach I can respect and trust

    Jim. Why did you choose to play for Arizona State? I have two sons that
    football in New Jersey. I would like to keep them close by. Any advice
    note* Jim is from New Jersey (sjcowboy)

    It was snowing in N.J. when I left for my recruiting trip and it was 80
    degrees in Tempe and I felt it was going to be a good place for me
    academically and athletically

    What is the best advice could you give to aspiring atheletes of all

    Make sure you are doing the proper things in everyday
    life not just when you are playing

    What are your thoughts on the current 3-4 defense being played by the
    Cowboys? (Skerr)

    The Head Coach wanted that Defense all a long so they
    are playing the Defense that he wants

    Which do you prefer, defensive linemen playing every down or

    I like Players who play every down but if you have a
    player who has a special talent then you must utilize it

    My question is: Do you think, the Defense should use Roy Williams closer
    The Line, and should that use Ware like a Lawrence Taylor (Mrfreedomx)

    agree on both points Roy is very effective when close to the LOS and
    Ware could be utilize even more

    Hey Jim,
    What college do you hope your son attends later down the road? Who is
    recruiting him the hardest? Thanks (crazycowboy)

    I really don't have a
    preference my main concern is that he is getting a quality education and
    he is surrounded by good people My son is only a freshman not that
    concern with recruiting right now

    I have a 2-part question. First, what are your thoughts about the 4-3
    the 3-4 defense? In your professional opinion, is one better than the
    or does it come down to having talented enough defenders to run either
    successfully? Secondly, what are your thoughts about the Cowboys'
    crop of defensive linemen and defensive ends (Canty, Spears, Ware,
    etc.). In
    your professional opinion, are they going ot live up to the hype as they

    mature, or do you think they're not going to meet these high
    Thnaks for your answers and all the fond memories. You are forever in

    AMERICAS_FAN My thoughts is to play successful defense you have to have
    the right personnel to be effective that may include drafting trades or
    free agency the Cowboys over the years have had alot of success with the
    4-3 but if you get he coach who does not believe in the 4-3 then it will
    not be as effective. Those Players are still very young give them some
    time to mature I think they will be good players

    Jim, I'll never forget the game in 1985 when you put Theisman on his
    butt 5
    times. You shoulda made the Pro Bowl ahead of Leonard Marshall in '86.
    question has to do with head coaches. You've worked up close with 3
    Landry, Johnson, and Parcells. What is the one outstanding quality that
    each one successful? ( percyhoward)

    Landry and Johnson are outstanding
    Coaches both were great Motivators and let players see there vision of
    the direction they were heading I also thought Marv Levy,Barry Switzer,
    Chan Gailey and Dave Campo were outstanding coaches and teachers

    First, thanks for all the energy and intensity you always brought into
    game. Who was the best offensive lineman you played with on the Cowboys
    played against (opposing team) and why? (ratpower)

    Mike Kenn Atlanta
    Falcons thought he was a great technician

    I want to thank you for all the special memories you brought myself and
    millions of other Dallas Cowboy fans. You were truly one of the best
    to ever wear blue and silver.
    My favorite memory of you is in 1985 against the Giants when Too Tall
    deflected the pass and you caught it and took it to the house to win the

    division. You and Ed were two great bookends.
    I guess I really don't have a question, I just want to thank you for
    such a great Cowboy, on and off the field. One more thing I want to add
    that you always made the sack in crunch time. I wish you nothing but the

    best in life, Mr. Jeffcoat. (Sincerely, Lane)

    Thank you

    What do you think of Tony Romo? (air0208)

    Tony is doing a great job for
    the Cowboys

    who was the one QB that you wanted to sack,but never did? (djdoug)

    that I can think of

    Hey Jim, I will always remember how you played the game.
    You were there thru the good and bad times but you played the game the
    way and were always hustling no matter what the score was.
    I can remember a game against Minnesota in which we were getting blown
    and I think Wade Wilson was the qb at the time and they were throwing
    at the end of the game and piling on us. You lost your cool for one of
    few times I can remember but I really respected you for calling out what
    going on in that game.
    My question is how satisfying was it to get those rings after going thru
    tough times? (J-Dog)

    It was very rewarding when you had been in the
    league for a certain period of time you start to wonder if you'll ever
    get that opportunity.

    How well do you think Landry's flex defense system would work in today's
    NFL? Do you think that the constant Free Agent shift would make it too
    vulnerable? (Hostile)

    yes I do and because of the size of the O-line it
    would be difficult to some of of the things that would be necessary to
    make it effective.

    If you were playing today for Dallas would you still be a DE or a middle


    I think I would still would be a DE

    Thank you for helping Dallas to all those Superbowls and for beating the

    Skinz just because. (Joe a Cowboys fan)

    Thank you

    Jim, You have coached them, what is the problem with the current
    inconsistent pass rush? (speedkilz88)

    The D coordinator doesn't put them
    in situation that heplps them win

    Who was the toughest running back to tackle you ever faced?
    And thanks for the memories! (dwmyers)

    Walter Payton

    Hey Jim,
    Just wanted to say thanks for all the years, You are well appreciated by

    this longtime Cowboy fan
    Corey (ilovejerry)

    I love Jerry too He is the best owner in pro sports
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    Coolness. Thanks. lol @ the Christmas special question and response.

    I never pegged Barry for kind.
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    Nice shot at Zim there. :cool:
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    Hmmm, Jim said that the defensive players are not being put in the right position to make plays in the passing game, therefore, no QB pressure.
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    Hello Fletch, my old friend. It never ceases to amaze me....the love in the words from these guys..on Landry. As much as we know about Mr. Landry, and the stories, and what we're heard.....somehow its just the tip of the iceberg. These guys were just flash...doing a's too bad most of them probably won't get the HOF recognition they deserve...maybe its why they still agree to do things like this...and are happy to still think about them...appreciate them...and remember them
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    I noticed he doesn't care for Parcells much.
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    Juke knows this...but he actually still lives in that area and sells insurance for Allstate now.
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    Awesome read.
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    I noticed that to, for someone being very diplomatic with their answers that was very telling.


    Edit- thanks for the Q&A, great read.
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    Sounds like he's bitter towards Parcells too. Refuses to talk about Bill in the questions asking about all coaches, and responded with: "The Head Coach wanted that Defense all a long so they are playing the Defense that he wants."

    Can't say I blame him. Everyone takes a firing or layoff personal. At least he was let go by the best. Imagine if you had to say Dave Campo was the one who let you go.
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    There You go Boys, Right from Jim's finger's "He loves Jerry too"
    Best OWNER in Pro Sports, As Cowboys fan's I say we are Extremely fortunate he is our owner Here is too you JERRY,
    I'm for NO salary Cap!!!
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    Jeffcoat's last year with the Cowboys wat '94. He didn't play for Parcells, and was just politely stepping around the questioner's gaffe.
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    He was talking about Parcells letting him go, when he was the defensive ends coach the last few years.

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