INTERVIEW: Q & A with Victor Butler

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    Victor, you have done very well in the limited number of snaps you have got. Do you feel young players and backups are given fair opportunities to earn a starting job, or must they always wait until a starter is injured to get a chance to shine?
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    Victor, how do you like your burgers? I like 'em medium rare myself.
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    Victor, Outside of Demarcus Ware, What current or former player do you most model your game after?
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    What percentage of the team makes fun of Ed werders mustache as soon as he leaves the locker room?
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    Hello Victor,

    What will be the difference between a Jason Garrett lead team and a Wade Phillips lead team?
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    Victor Butler, you are a breath of fresh air. I love your aggressive ability to make a play. Coming into your third season, my guess is that you are biting at the bit to push upwards and onto the carpet full time. I am hoping that your play making forces Rob Ryan to call your number much more. Good luck and we are following you with great interest.

    My question: What coaching instruction is given to you to assist you in being able to identify and apply fluid technique in making your outstanding plays?

    Again, thanks. And Dallas accomplished the most in the NFL, when it's depth was quality and spent real time during games. We anxiously await your play this year. You are part of that all important depth for this group of Dallas Cowboys.

    Good luck.
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    Now these are the kinds of questions I like to see. :bow:

    Keep 'em up, guys. I really hope he answers them too. :)
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    I would ask a variation of this question...

    Victor, do you see yourself having more playing opportunities in the Ryan scheme? Could we see a formation that has you, Ware and Spenser on the field at the same time?
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    What was it like to start for DeMarcus in Week 15 of 2009? How nervous were you?
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    Victor. I think you're a really talented player and truly appreciate the effort you've always displayed on the field.

    Q. Do you believe you recieved a fair chance to start or show your ability under Wade Philips? With what you know of Rob Ryan's D, Do you think you will have more of a chance to shine? and why?
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    Yes and TO had 25 million reasons to fire his.....:lmao:
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    1st question:
    Last season, a lot was made of Jason Garrett's first day as head coach when he required full pads for his first practice - reportedly the first time since training camp full pads had been required. Many players spoke out about how they liked the change, and the team certainly started playing better. Now there are reports about the new CBA limiting the number of practices and the amount of contact that will be allowed during training camp, as well as a reduction of off-season practices and OTA's. Do you think this will negatively impact the player's and/or the team's ability to prepare for a full NFL season?

    2nd question:
    There have been a number of defenses over the years that have trancended being a very good defensive unit to becoming extrordinary - legendary, even. These defenses seem to have the attitude and ability to rise & meet any challenge. These defenses get names like Orange Crush... Steel Curtain... and, of course, Doomsday. What do you think are the key elements that put these defensive units over the top? How far is the current Dallas defensive unit from being ready for a new nickname?
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    V-But: just wanted to say that I appreciate your fire out there, and I hope to see you on the field more this year making plays.

    Keep up the good work!

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    What do you look forward to about Jason Garrett having a full year as the head coach? And how do you plan on making the Pro Bowl?
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    If you could only pick one song to listen to during a lifting session, what would it be?

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    Hi Victor,

    How do you and other defensive players feel about going from having a defensive minded Head Coach to an offensive mined one? Has that changed your preception of fitting in with the team in any way, and if so how (for beeter or worse)?


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    Hello again Victor,

    In your estimation, who is the unquestioned leader of the Cowboys defense, besides your boss, Rob Ryan, of course.


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    Victor, please plant Brandon Jacobs into the turf harder than necessary every chance you get.

    Thanks in advance,


    Oh and Philip Rivers too

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    Victor, first and foremost, thank you for agreeing to share your time with our Board. Means a lot to all of us.

    You are a young player. I am not sure we fans completely understand just how tough it really is to prepare yourself for a full NFL season, as a Rookie. In your opinion, will the current lockout allow for the young guys drafted to have sufficient time to prepare and possibly contribute or even start? How do you see this effecting our Rookies and yourself, with a new Defensive scheme this year?

    Best of luck to you this season!

    Thank you Sir.
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    Questions sent.

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