Interview With Jason Witten

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    Jason Witten was recently at a charity event for "Our Father's Children". Here is a short part of his interview with Jordan Ross from

    JORDAN ROSS: How’d you hear about “Our Father’s Children”, and what made you want to get involved with the organization?

    JASON WITTEN: Being so involved in the community, I’ve known about this charity for a while. I love what they do, giving back to these kids, so I take advantage of any opportunity to be associated with that.

    JORDAN ROSS: I understand that you went back to college to earn your degree after entering the NFL. What was your degree in, and what motivated you to go back?

    JASON WITTEN: My degree is in business. Really my reasoning for it was I knew that one day I’d be done playing and I’d need my degree. I’m fortunate to go chase my dreams in the NFL , but I wanted to go back and get that degree so when I am done I have it in my back pocket.

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