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    Hey everyone,
    I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Josh Gleason. I am the creator/co-head analyst for Draft Icon, a site devoted to the NFL Draft. We have interviewed DT C.J. Mosley and are looking to have interviews with DE/OLB Jonathan Jackson and C Vince Carter soon. We are also getting a new design sometime before the draft so that should look great. We have just started the site this year and look to become bigger and better as the years go. We are looking to try and earn some money and at least go to the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama next year. If anybody has any questions on the draft, like prospects, what teams are looking at, and just anything regarding the draft and I will get back to you with the an answer to the best of my knowledge.
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    I have a question. What do you think about Safety Junior Rosegreen? I liked what I have seen from him and think he'd be a good 2nd day pick. He has good speed and plays aggressively. He can also cover, having past experience at corner.
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    If he fell to day 2, I think it would be a great pick for the Cowboys. With his size, he seems like a CB, and then his speed you think SS, then you find out he is a SS. I think he could make a transition to FS, but it would be risky if Dallas could take a true FS or at least a CB/FS liek Brandon Browner in the 2nd. I saw a couple games of him at Auburn and saw the Sugar Bowl which him and Carlos Rogers really impressed me in. He does have pretty good speed for a SS and for his size, plays very aggresive and can sure hit. He is also a pretty good ballhawk, finished T-3rd in the nation in INT's with 6 INT's. Will defintaly be able to make plays wherever he goes in the NFL. Right now I have him as the last pick of the 3rd Round to the Denver Bronocs, who have just lost Kenroy Kennedy to the Lions.
    Also, his problems are he lacks great size at 5-10, and though he has the INT's, isn't great in coverage, just okay-good. But, he can learn how to cover better, and their isn't much more teaching with him onto cover. He could also though play in the box, like in the Eagles 46 Defense which has one of the S's up at the LB spot.
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    Will Nehemiah Broughton be there for one of the Cowboys 6th round picks? Is he another Najeh Davenport?
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    Nehemiah looks like he would be a great pick-up for us in the 6th Round and I see at as being very possible. I have him right now as my 14th rated RB, and I have 10 going in the 1st 4 Rounds, so if we were to get him, we would probably need to take a shot at him in the 5th. With his frame of 5-11 250 lbs. and still runs a 4.55. His size would go great with JJ's speed and give a nice thunder-and-lighting combination. The only problems I see with Nehemiah is he is a straightline runner (isn't elusive) and has had injuries. But, If the Cowboys have filled the rest of their needs like a FS, WR, DE, and OLB by this pick, then it should be a pretty good pick, also depending on what OT's are left here.
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    Welcome Josh,

    I have a question regarding your site's most recent mock. First off I like the site of at Draft Icon.. Hopefully it will continue to grow and you guys can do prospect profiles next season..

    My question is what was the reasoning in the mock behind choosing Spears with Mike Williams still on the board in your mock?
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    Welcome to the board. I hope your website and draft service take off.
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    Mike Williams=Keyshawn Johnson
    That is a another reason why we don't believe (espically me) that Gruden will take Mike Williams at the #5 pick becuase him and Clayton are two very similar players. Tall, not to fast, and have great verticals. It is always better to get a Jerome Mathis in the 3rd to balance out the passing game with a big guy and a speedy guy. Keyshawn still has a good 2-3 years in him and we believe that Mark Clayton is:
    1.A better balance in the passing game between him and Keyshawn then MW and Keyshawn
    2.One of the most annoying things for me last year as a Cowboys fan was Bill Parcells always keeping Lance Frazier as the Punt Returner. 2 muffs against the Eagles. You should get cut for something like that. Clayton will come in as the slot reciever behind Terry Glenn (or Morgan) and also do Punt Returns. Him in the Special Teams department will help us greatly since we haven't had much success since the departure of Deion "Primetime" Sanders.
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    What are your thoughts on LB Alfred Fincher and RB Ryan Moates
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    Im going to post the answer in the Draft questions section.

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