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    I hope I am not out of line by posting this kind of thread, however, I'm a fairly new member of this board, and have severl posts and even a few threads under my belt, yet, I still dont really know anyone. There are "household" names around the board that you see in just about every thread, ie: Nors, WoodysGirl, BrainPaint and others. This is my opportunity to let you guys know who I am, and for me (and other newer guys) to get to know the pros of this board. As Cowboys fans I feel like you guys are instant friends, but I would like to become more acquainted, so I hope you dont mind.

    I'll start by introducing myself:

    My name is Tom Stanley and I am 19 yrs old. I am Active Duty in the US Air Force and I have been a 'Boys fan since I was old enough to see!! I am a true fan not a bandwagon guy and I have a huge respect for fans of any team who are true to their team (even through tough years). I would erase the existence of the deadskins if I could and I am not quite there with the iggles but am rapidly approaching that point. If there is anything else anyne wants to know, just ask, or feel free to introduce yourself.
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    :welcome: And thanks for serving your country.
  3. dallasblue05

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    It is most definitely my pleasure.
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    Hey Tom or dallasblue05, whats up.

    My user name is Hoov, short for my last name Hoover, most people call me by my last name or just call me Hoov.

    36, ive always been a cowboys fan and always lived in or just outside of Philly.

    Welcome and good of you to open up and introduce yourself. Thats cool.

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    Welcome DB5.
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    Welcome and thank you for your service.
    (One of my best friends serves in the Air Force. After spending years at a base in Missouri and Texas, he now serves in Washington (state) as a Dog Handler/Trainer.)

    This is easily the greatest source on the net for Cowboys news and discussion among fans. If you're as much of a fan as you state, you're gonna love it.

    I'm 27 and live in Virginia (Redskins country) and have been a Boys fan since the glory days of Atari videogame systems. I have met alot of fellow Cowboys fans here and had some interesting debates and activities with them. This site has truly become an instrumental part of my daily activities and often the highlight of my day because that's how much of a fan I am.

    You'll notice that some will post and leave and swing through on occasion (which is fine) but those of us who are regulars here really show our obsessive fandom by appearing routinely and many of these guys/gals really know their stuff.

    Right now is the true downtime for football news but the frenzy of opinions and updates that overtake this board during "real" football times (draft, season, training camp, etc.) is awesome to say the least.

    Enjoy you're stay and Go Cowboys!
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    Welcome to the best Cowboys forum on the Internet.

    It's very nice to meet you.
  8. WoodysGirl

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    Welcome DB5. Thanks for calling me out... I feel so luv'd now... :grin:

    Swing by the OT zone sometimes... That's where the REAL getting to know u threads takes place...
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    Welcome to the board (and thanks for your service to our country!), but why in the world would you want to eliminate 2 sure wins every season? :D
  10. dallasblue05

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    I will be sure and do that, to see how my FAKE get to know you thread holds up!! lol, j/k.
  11. Eddie

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    I'm Eddie ... my name is ... ta daa ... Eddie. :)

    Been a Cowboys fan since I was 8 years ... that Super Bowl 13.

    This is the best forum on the net. I don't get flamed (as often) for disagreeing. ha ha.

    I heard the best news of the week today. NY lost the bid to host the freakin' Olympics. Horray! We don't need that crap over here. It's hard enough getting across town. Imagine with that nonsense going on.

    Also, who the heck is going to pay for the $800 Mil stadium. How the heck is Eddie the Engineer going to see that money back? I pay the highest rent in the country, 33% in income tax, 8.75% in sales tax ... No way to no freakin' stadium tax. Fark that!!!

  12. djmajestik

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    Calico and JDSmith (I think) are the ones with the videos. AdamJT is the MAN when it comes to financials/subtle rule definitions/all things football.

    This is THE BEST board, been here a while, and long time fan.

    Now, for all you members who have been here awhile, who remembers boozeman?

    I can still see his avatar, wonder what happened to the ole man??
  13. Jarv

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  14. Cbz40

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    Welcome and enjoy.......
  15. Yeagermeister

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    Suck up :laugh1:

    :welcome: to the board and as Duane said thanks for serving our country (former soldier also)
  16. Zaxor

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    Hello and feel welcomed here Tom...I and a few others are ex-military..,
    So we will have some idea what you will be going through..first and foremost know that my thoughts are on all our breathern in the service's though you may find I do not approve of this war I am always for the troops...

    Should you ever need to talk off the record feel free to pm me...

    Now Tom how about those Cowboys:)
  17. dallasblue05

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    You know, I actually share your veiw in part, as I do not agree with the way the war has been conducted. I agree that soething needed to be done, and the reason that we are still over there is simple, US BEING THERE, IS KEEPING THEM FROM BEING OVER HERE!! But enough of that. To answer your question, "how bout them Cowboys?"

    I freakin Love 'em.......GOSH!
  18. djmajestik

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  19. Zaxor

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    I wonder about that Tom...

    but here is not the place to discuss it...

    What are your thoughts on the up coming season
  20. Gatorgirl

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    WELCOME! (and thanks for your service)

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