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    Sup Tom and :welcome:.

    My name is Marcellius Thomas. Live in CT. On every day, but post rarely. been watching football since about ten years old. Picked the Cowboys because they were the first team I saw on tv. Saw Emmitt bust a long one and said to myself "thats my team". Months later they were crowned champions.

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    What's up people, I too am in the service stationed in NORFOLK VA. Im in the NAVY (E6 SUBMARINE SAILOR/YN1(SS) SCOTT) Been on the boards a few times, love the info you guys put out. Was born a raised in PHILLY But have loved the BOYS since the day or DORSETT - STAUBACH - HILL - PERSON - SPRINGS - THURMAN - WALLS and all of those guys of the mid to late 70's and 80's. Took a bunch of heat in the 80's living in PHILLY but I say we more than made up for it in the 90's.
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    Welcome. Been a board memember here and the old forum for a while now. Great board and it'll really get going now that the season is approaching.

    I'm down in Houston (Northpointe, between Tomball and Willowbrook) which has a huge number of Cowboys fans and perhaps the largest concentration of Dallas envy anywhere.
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    Welcome to the board. I haven't been here long myself but I've definitely established myself around here. Maybe not like WG, BP, Nors, and others have... but in my own way, people can pick me out.:cool:

    Thank you for serving our country.

    Oh... and my 20th birthday is tomorrow. You people sing me my birthday song! ;)
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    I will introduce myself as others have done on this board have done. My name is JOsh Swan which is why my name is swanny. I live in Wisconsin i hate the packers because all my freinds hate the cowboys. My parents tell me i was a fan of the boys since i was around four or five and i am now 19 almost 20. I work at a family owned trucking business called G&G Trucking some of you might see a truck aorund now that i have said the name, they are always in cali, florida, and texas. I collect hotwheels i have about 1500 and going up. I love the Brewers even though they are horrible. Moose was my favorite cowboy ever.
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    howdy. my name is dave, i'm 46, in the advertising business, and a native texan born in el paso. i've been a cowboys fan since 1969. i served in the air force and finished up my tour at Cannon AFB, NM (it amazes me how often this little TAC base and the tiny town of Clovis have popped up in threads recently).

    i hope you'll enjoy this board half as much as i have.
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    Hi, welcome to the board. My name is Simon from just outside London, U.K.

    I read the board for a longtime before I posted.

    This is a great board for differing views, inside knowledge and information.
    IMO this is encouraged by the superb way the board is moderated.

    I wouldn't be without my daily dose of Cowboyszone.

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    Yep, welcome aboard...

    We are hard core fans here and I & others take it sometimes too serious...But were all deep down HUGE Cowboy fans!


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