iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S4

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Shunpike, Sep 11, 2013.

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    Also have the HTC One. Had the Inspire before. Only issue I've had is when it cannot find the sim card (even though it hasn't gone anywhere) and I have to reboot. I use the phone for business so this has caused problems.
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    I had a DroidX before I got my 4s. The DroidX was very glitchy towards the end, but I dropped in numerous times without a case and once in water. Now that I think about it, it was a pretty tough phone. My wife dropped her 4S once and the screen shattered.

    Next phone I'm going back to Droid, most likely, b/c I don't want to provide my biometric data to Apple.
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    For the first time ever I kept a phone for two years and my iPhone 4s runs the same way it did when I got it brand new. Like one of the previous posters said Android is too bloated. I'll stick with iPhone and I am looking forward to getting the 5s!
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    Battery life is fine...You have to pick and choose your options with this phone because there are sooooo many...

    Most IT engineers like myself love it...Maybe it just wasn't produced for the technically challenged.
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    I like the One also,,,my brother has one, excellent choice too..
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    Just wondering which android phone you've had before.

    Samsung GS4 has better camera than iphone 5s

    Samsung GS4 ...13mp and 2mp front
    iphone 5s ..............8mp and 1.2mp front

    Personally, I really like Samsung's bigger screen and higher resolution over iphone 5s.
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    The reason they are the size they are is that Apple wanted a user to be able to use the phone comfortably with one hand... method behind the madness...

    That being said, insiders say they may be looking to add a larger phone as part of their lineup down the line...
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    I had the original Motorola Droid so I know the Android OS has got much better.

    Not familiar with the Samsung GS4 camera but just because a camera has more megapixels doesn't mean it is better ;) It's all about the sensor and speed of the lens etc. Now I am not sure what the aperture of the Samsung is but the Apple 5s has a f/2.2 aperture and that is pretty good. I also like the dual flash for color balance and the image stabilization. You can have a 20mp camera on a crappy sensor or a 10mp camera on a great sensor. Unless you're planning on printing a wall mural you don't need a high megapixel camera. Plus if I want a large print I will just use my DSLR lol. Having said all that I did read the Samsung GS4 has a great camera. The 5s isn't even out yet so lets give it a little time before we decide which camera is better :)
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    I've been working in IT since 1976. The iPhone is a high end phone geared towards high end users. The unkowing use Android or even worse, Windows OS phones.
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    I always find it amusing when people fight over consumer goods.
  11. BrAinPaiNt

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    I had the Iphone4. Really enjoyed it. Still have it actually. I took everything off of it except music and basically use it as an ipod touch now.

    So I got a Samsung Galaxy SIII.

    I had it a month or so and the wife was ready for her upgrade from her Iphone4. She liked a few things on the samsung. However I told her She was better off getting the Iphone5 instead. I said this because she is not great with computer gadgets and more often than not is stubborn when it comes to changing things. However she still decided on the Samsung SIII.

    Turns out she regretted the choice as I predicted she would. She did not understand or bother with any of the widgets and such. She did not like the battery life compared to the Iphone4. It should also be stated that she is the type who will only charge her phone when it is almost completely dead. She still thinks that if you charge it before it is almost dead it will ruin the battery Although that is true for older cell phones it no longer is and I can not get that through her head. So It would go dead on her too fast due to the larger screen.

    So thankfully her younger sister got an Iphone5 and after sometime wanted a Samsung Galaxy SIII so she could use an SD Card for more music. They swapped and both parties are now happy.

    Same with me. I am happy with my Samsung as I just seen no reason to buy a new Iphone that basically was just a tad bigger version of the one I have had for a few years. She is happy because she got what she knows and has better battery life, although she STILL thinks she has to wait till it is almost dead before charging lol.

    I like that I can do so much more and have so much more say in how my phone looks and also that I can get adobe flash on it quite easily. I also like that even with the upcoming new IOS for Iphone there are 2-3 things they are adding that I have had on my phone for some time. I also like the idea that I have the ability to use SD cards for extra space which is great for music and I can use multiple ones by swapping them out if need be for movies or other things. I like the bigger screen as well. I also like that I can easily swap out batteries if I am on a long trip where I can not charge.

    With that said I will say this. The Iphones, or should I say the IOS, is more steady and/or reliable. The android OS can be glitchy and do some awkward things at times. It is not a normal situation but it is also not rare that I might have to close out everything and restart an android OS.

    Also Apple phones and products have a superior interface with Itunes compared to Samsung and it's Kies computer program. At one time it was a nightmare to even get the Kies program to recognize my phone or tablet. With the latest updated Kies it does a better job of it but still the Itunes program is a better interface. On an odd related note of Irony...Seems Itunes has updates to the software on a pretty normal basis while the IOS for the Iphones seem to go loooong periods of time before they have big updates.
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    I find it discouraging when people feel the need to point out that they find it amusing for people to argue over consumer goods as if they're above that.
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    I find discouraging when people complain about others that find it amusing that people argue over consumer goods like they are above that.

  14. AmberBeer

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    You just had to didn't you.
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    Well I had a busy day earlier and it will be busy again here in a bit...but I had a little time there were things were slow.
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    As am I.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Yes, yes.. that was the party line then. But NOW they are saying, well, we didnt go big then because the tech and screens werent there... now we are going bigger.
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    I moved to the S4 a couple of weeks ago and love it.
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    The Galaxy series phones are all great phones. I've had the Galaxy S, the S2,the s3. Havn't went for the S4 yet, but it looks awesome. The water proof version is really cool. One thing about the Iphone's are they aren't durable at all. You basically HAVE to buy a case or make sure you never drop it. I have a lot of friends with Iphones(both adults and people in their mid 20's) and all of them, literally every single one, has cracked an Iphone screen. I'm talking like 50 people lol.

    I love that if I want to Root my phone, I can. I love that Android is so user friendly. If I want to switch to a different ROM, i can easily do so. I've had phones that can dual boot from Android to Windows. That flexibility of being able to use the phone for basically anything I want it to do is well worth it to me. I know people that are always team Iphone, and plenty that are Team Android. Really either phone is going to be good, and it's always up to the user to see. The best thing to do is go into a store once it comes out and play with both phones yourself. As far as I know, all of the carriers will have both phones, so just go see for yourself! I don't think you should make up your mind before you go. Go put the phones in your hand and mess around with them! :)
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    If you plan on going Android, go for the Nexus 5 which should be out by next month. I've never understood why someone would want the bloated software that is Touchwiz. Full of gimmicky software which really has no use. Why in the world would you hover your hand above the screen when looking at pictures and such? Swiping with a finger is much faster and easier. That's just one example. All those "features" just slow it down.

    To the poster saying the S4 has a better camera than the iPhone 5S, lets wait for reviews before jumping the gun. Of note though, the iPhone is always known to have a top camera, and this past generation I'd say the only phone that had a camera better than the iPhone 5 was the lumia 1020(I believe that's the one). Samsung galaxy S3 wasn't even in the same ballpark when it came to low light pictures. There are plenty of review sites that back it up.

    Care about battery life? iPhone no question. iPhone 5S is rated for 10 hours of use.

    Worried about the fingerprint sensor? I don't know why you would be though, Apple will never have your fingerprint...they will not store it in their servers or whatever. Either way, if you're worried, just don't use it. Simple as that.

    iOS is a lot easier to use as well. If you're deciding between the S4 and 5S, I say iPhone no question. If you want an HTC One Nexus edition or say a Nexus 5...then that's a harder decision as stock Android is very good. I say iOS all day everyday, but you can't go wrong with stock Android either.

    If you game a lot on your phone, I'd pick the iPhone 5S.

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