Iran calls out Canada

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by Rackat, Sep 14, 2007.

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    Iran hits back at Canada at U.N. rights forum

    GENEVA (Reuters) - Iran hit back at Canada on Friday for criticizing its rising number of executions and treatment of women, accusing Ottawa of racism, police brutality and treating its indigenous people like second class citizens.
    Canada, in remarks echoed by the European Union (EU), told the U.N. Human Rights Council on Thursday that the human rights situation was deteriorating in the Islamic Republic.
    Iran's envoy A. Eshragh Jahromi rejected Canada's statement, which had voiced specific concern at Iran's "treatment of women as second class citizens" and suppression of peaceful demonstrations in support of women's rights.

    "Such unfortunate allegations clearly demonstrate the continuation of old habits of politicization and double standards which discredited the U.N. Commission on Human Rights," Jahromi said, referring to the previous U.N. rights forum which the Council replaced a year ago.
    Instead, Canada's inability to deal with human rights violations at home should be brought to the attention of the 47-member forum, he said.

    "Human rights violations include social exclusion policies, blatant racism and racial discrimination, police brutality, unlawful detention, torture and deaths in custody, violence against women and children and indigenous people, who are being treated as second class people by the Canadian government," Jahromi said.

    Iran's envoy also took issue with remarks by Diane Ala'i, representative of the Baha'i International Community, who complained of "systematic and organized persecution" of its members in Iran, including arrests and property confiscations.

    The faith, an offshoot of Islam which claims 5 million members worldwide, is considered heresy by Iran's religious leaders.

    "All Iranians, including the Baha'i, enjoy their full constitutional rights. In my country, all are equal before the law," Jahromi said.
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    Good thing he clarified which government he was referring to. That easily describes Iran.
    I guess it's not the constitutional right for an Iranian to meet their grandchild for the first time, without first having to travel to Turkey. For fear of their son being arrested for being, oh my oh my! an American citizen.
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    I thought surely CanadianCowboy would ride in and explain these alleged violations against his country.
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    Canadian must be on vacation. Or since its not an American criticising Canada he doesn't care. Maybe his buds the Islamic crazies are nothing for him to worry about.
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    Yeah, the citizens of Canada have it FAR worse than the citizens of Iran do...

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    Last time I checked, I thought I was allowed not to sign on 24/7 but maybe not in the world according to soldier boy. I also believe in the theory that if someone says something really outrageous and ********, why even bother responding as it only gives the speaker a forum. However, as my public is desirous of hearing from me, I will respond. I must really be in Bumfard and Rackat's head if they wondered why I didn't respond but I digress.

    We treated the Indians badly and some argue we still do, what can I say. All western nations treated their Indians badly, thus is the world made. I don't feel responsible for it nor do I feel guilty. It is what it is.

    As for executions, not sure what he is talking about, we haven't executed anyone for a crime since the 1960s and the death penalty has been abolished since 1976.

    Regarding women, last time I checked, we didn't force women to wear veils and women have as many rights as men.

    Police brutality, yeah of course that happens, I don't deny it. At least it isn't government sanctioned but anyone who doesn't think many cops become cops because they like to beat people up is nuts.
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    if you have politics, you have people fighting about it. where's the surprise here?

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