Iran Charges Detained American Reporter With Espionage

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    Iran Charges Detained American Reporter With Espionage,2933,513207,00.html

    The lawyer for an Iranian-American journalist detained in Iran says she has been charged with espionage.

    The lawyer, Abdolsamad Khorramshahi, says Roxana Saberi has been informed of the charges against her.

    "Her case has been sent to the revolutionary court. She, without press credentials, was carrying out spying activities under the guise of being a reporter," AFP quoted deputy prosecutor Hassan Haddad .

    "The evidence is mentioned in her case papers and she has accepted all the charges. She has been arrested under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

    The 31-year-old American born journalist has reported for the BBC, NPR and other media. She was arrested in late January. Iranian officials said at the time that she was working in the Islamic Republic with expired press credentials. She was reportedly initially arrested for buying alcohol, which is prohibited.

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called for her release and President Obama has recently extended offers for improved diplomatic ties with Iran.

    Saberi holds both U.S. and Iranian nationalities, AFP reported.

    "She has an Iranian citizenship, passport and an Iranian national identity card. She has entered Iran as an Iranian citizen and if she has another citizenship, we are unaware of it and it has no effect on how we will proceed with her case," AFP quoted Haddad.

    "There is no evidence that she has another citizenship and the investigation is still on."

    Saberi's parents, Reza and Akiko, arrived in Tehran on Sunday and were able to meet with their daughter for 20 minutes in Tehran's Evin prison on Monday.

    Click here to read the AFP report.
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    Damn I was hoping it was Oberman when I 1st opened the thread. Needless to say I'm disappointed

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