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Iron Man 3 Review *massive spoilers inside*

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Rogah, May 3, 2013.


    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

    8,322 Messages
    5,961 Likes Received
    Villians that can shoot fire out of their mouths. Whoopie do. Dumbest plot ever.

    My take on why the Mandarin wasn't made serious, because they didn't want to offend any asians (didn't want to make an asian character as the bad guy) since they filmed parts of the movie in China and had an opening there. Gotta please everybody.
  2. Joe Rod

    Joe Rod When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong Zone Supporter

    10,033 Messages
    1,925 Likes Received
    They gave this movie the Spider-man III treatment. What they did to the Mandarin's character was completely asinine. They took one of his oldest villains and one of his best story-lines (Extremis), swung for the fences and missed completely with everything but the cash received.

    Michael Bay would be proud.
  3. CashMan

    CashMan Well-Known Member

    2,137 Messages
    564 Likes Received

    This is what happens when you change directors in the middle of a series.
  4. joseephuss

    joseephuss Well-Known Member

    24,435 Messages
    3,063 Likes Received
    Thanos was essentially introduced at the end of The Avengers.
  5. CowboyGil

    CowboyGil Well-Known Member

    2,241 Messages
    907 Likes Received
    I googled Iron Man 3 reviews and the reviews seemed all pretty postive from the mainstream. And as for the geeks (I am one. Just Star Wars/Star Trek more than Marvel.), well you're never going to please them all.:nono2:
  6. Ntegrase96

    Ntegrase96 Well-Known Member

    5,602 Messages
    4,618 Likes Received
    He was a shadowy figure for the majority of the movie and never spoke a word, just grinned at the camera. The audience knew nothing about who or what he was, where he's from, and so on and so forth.

    And rumor mill suggested that's what GOTG would help establish.
  7. 03EBZ06

    03EBZ06 Need2Speed

    7,979 Messages
    411 Likes Received
    Saw the Ironman 3 in 3D last night and I was disappointed as well, specifically with Mandrin character. He should have been the villain. Yes, Robert Downey Jr delivered and had an amazing CGI but IMO, it's worst of three due to villain mess.
  8. Kangaroo

    Kangaroo Active Member

    9,893 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    except all of us Comic book geeks knew who he was. As soon as I saw the shadowy figure I I knew it was Thanos.

    As far as I know Whedon will be doing the Avengers 2 which is a good thing since he has been a comic writer and the reason the Avengers was so well done.
  9. Ntegrase96

    Ntegrase96 Well-Known Member

    5,602 Messages
    4,618 Likes Received

    It will likely be good with Whedon in charge of Avengers 2, I'm just concerned about GOTG.

    Anyway, it was Whedon who stated as much that Thanos may not be the guy in Avengers 2.
  10. RoyTheHammer

    RoyTheHammer Well-Known Member

    13,911 Messages
    826 Likes Received
    Im not sure where you guys are seeing all the negative reviews at.. all the websites im looking at have pretty positive reviews on it.

    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

    8,322 Messages
    5,961 Likes Received
    If the Mandarin turning into a comic villian is a positive. I don't see how it is.
  12. RoyTheHammer

    RoyTheHammer Well-Known Member

    13,911 Messages
    826 Likes Received
    Im not saying you personally enjoyed it, im saying according to most websites that rate movies or take movie ratings, i've seen mainly positive reviews for it.

    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

    8,322 Messages
    5,961 Likes Received
    Again, they are saying it is a positive with the Mandarin being a comic villian. It is what it is I guess.
  14. Teren_Kanan

    Teren_Kanan Well-Known Member

    1,877 Messages
    265 Likes Received
    Ugh. That movie was so disappointing.

    Ironman was amazing.

    Ironman 2 not so much. I felt there was a lot of horrible stupidity in IM2 and it was more or less a bad movie.

    Ironman 3 I don't think was a bad movie in the way Ironman 2 was. There was nothing just flat out awful about it as far as movies goes. It just wasn't very "good". No scenes really stand out. When I try to think of my favorite part.. nothing really comes to mind.

    Robert Downy is still amazing in his role. His acting is good and his lines are hilarious. That being said, I felt like he was barely in the suit in the movie. He was basically Tony Stark for the whole movie, and never Iron Man. He was never doing any bad *** stuff like the first movies. Even in IM2 he pulled off some neat things.

    This movie felt much more PG than Iron Man 1. He was straight mercing people in that movie.

    His nearly indestructible suit from the first 2 movies, seemed like garbage in this movie. All his ridiculous amount of suits at the end amounted to useless weak disposable garbage. The Villain was one of the most lacking ones in the Marvel franchise so far.. just bad.

    Ah well. Better than IM2 in terms of things making sense, but worse than any of the others as far as plotline goes.
  15. Rogah

    Rogah Benched

    6,473 Messages
    793 Likes Received
    I agree 100%. They're in extreme danger of overplaying their hands.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

    33,679 Messages
    6,184 Likes Received

    Honestly, Iron Man is one of my fav superheroes.
    Downy is AMAZING as IM.

    All 3 movies had chances to be great and then they crash into a wall.

    IM 1 - the battle with the BIGGER Iron Man - weak
    IM 2 - the battle with Roarke - weak
    IM 3 - the "reveal" about The Mandarin - very, very weak.
    The airplane scene was cool but the teaser led me to believe it was better than it was.

    I did like how he protected Pepper by suiting her up while in the air. Very cool.

    Such success, but not achieving a masterpiece. I think it was there to be had. Just not easy to bring to the screen I guess.
  17. Ntegrase96

    Ntegrase96 Well-Known Member

    5,602 Messages
    4,618 Likes Received
    Interesting point you brought up about Iron Man 1. When he faces off against Iron Monger, it leaves a lot to be desired, but I felt like it was somewhat in keeping with most final battles in Marvel Comic Movies at the time-- the hero doesn't actually 'win' but receives some kind of help via another source, or the villain has some kind of epiphany in the final moments, etc.

    But overall I agree with your assessment. All three movies leave something to be desired.
  18. Ntegrase96

    Ntegrase96 Well-Known Member

    5,602 Messages
    4,618 Likes Received
    This is pretty much exactly how I felt. The bold part especially. Just felt like all of his suits were pointless heaps of junk by the end of the movie. Also, what's the deal with the Arc reactor not powering the suit anymore? Or did I just have that wrong all along.

    Also Guy Pearce is just strange... not in a good way that added to the character. He's just really weird looking nowadays.
  19. BAZ

    BAZ Drunken Mick

    4,742 Messages
    2,567 Likes Received
    I was enjoying IM3 until super Pepper Potts saved the day. That was the worst thing I've seen in any super hero movie (including Bat nipples). The futher I get from watching it the more that part sticks in my mind and I hate it. When Tony went low tech and was getting helped by the kid it wasn't horrible, just not very Iron man but I was enjoying it, and him having PTSD from the Avengers was a really nice touch. The Mandarin swerve was not done well, it seemed like they wanted to not get political in a popcorn movie, can't blame them. I still see it being better than Thor 2/Cap 2.

    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

    8,322 Messages
    5,961 Likes Received
    I thought it was funny when Downey (Iron Man) was fighting the main villian at the end, yet didn't think to call all the available Iron Man suits that were flying around? He could have had a hundred or so to help.

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