Irony about Chargers game -- 4th quarter comeback

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Dale, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. Dale

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    Anyone remember Babe going at it with Bill during mini-camps about him not having any fourth-quarter comebacks since coming here and about Bledsoe being one of the worst-fourth quarter comeback guys in the league?

    Now, I know what you're thinking. What was that Washington game last year? Seattle? The Giants the year before?

    For those who didn't hear the conversation, Babe was basing the phrase "fourth-quarter comeback" as meaning you trail entering the fourth quarter and come back to win. In all those games the Cowboys were leading going into the fourth, lost the lead, only to come back afterwards (yeah, I know...odd interpretation).

    Well, Bledsoe and Parcells did just that in the first game of the year. We were trailing entering the fourth, but scored and won the game.

    Long story short...just kind of ironic, especially if you listened to that lengthy conversation that day.
  2. parchy

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    Babe = not among the best commentary guys. The Cowboys need to completely change their booth for next preseason.
  3. bobtheflob

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    I remember them showing that stat on TV about how bad we were in 4th quarters last year and thinking how it's going to be completely different this year. With our depth, get ready for some more 4th quarter comebacks this season.
  4. Rack Bauer

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    I'd rather be leading going into the 4th quarter and hold that lead for the win.

    And just curious, what does our depth have to do with 4th quarter comebacks? :confused:
  5. bobtheflob

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    Last year guys like Glover and Ellis were worn out by the end of games. With added depth we can be better assured that we'll have fresh defensive linemen`in the 4th. I know we also have to score points, but it's much easier to come back if you can stop other teams from scoring and hopefully give the offense good field position.
  6. PacoReloaded

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    Something else quite ironic is Bledsoe's record against teams with winning records. I mean it definately hasn't been all that great.

    Now I'm not saying that Bledsoe is our savior or anything remotely close to that but it is good for a change to finally see some good, solid Qb play and not Vinnyball.
  7. Scotman

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    But you know, we haven't played a team this year with a winning record. :D
  8. morasp

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    That's a good observation. Just another indicator that our team is turning the corner.
  9. dargonking999

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    So here's to Bledsoe beating his first undeafeated team fo the season:D:D Washington
  10. Charles

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    Babe aka Mr. All-Preseason. He's always made most of the noise during the Preseason be it off or on the field.
  11. jman

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    "...about him not having any fourth-quarter comebacks since coming here..."

    This on it's face value is a complete and utter false statement.

    The two MNF games (Giants in 2003 and Seattle last year come to mind...) Oh...and what about the Redskin game last year?
  12. Doomsday101

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    The key part is behind going into the 4th, in the games you mentioned Dallas actually had the lead in those game heading into the 4th. I know it is ticky tacky stuff but that is what they are actually talking about.
  13. Chocolate Lab

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    Glover and Newman were on a local radio show last night and one of the first things La'Roi said about the new rotation was that last year we had one -- one! -- sack all of last year in the fourth quarter. Then bingo, in our very first game this year, he gets a big sack near the end of the game.

    So yes, the original point was more about the QB and offense, but when your defense collapses in the fourth quarter like ours did last year, your offense doesn't have much chance.
  14. Rack Bauer

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    Good point. I think a fresh D will help us prevent some 4th quarter comebacks as well.
  15. AbeBeta

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    A better question is how many teams had any 4th quarter comebacks last year -- or how many comeback opportunties we had (e.g., down by 10 or less). Without detailed statistics in front of me I can say this - last year there were only 3 games that we lost by a close score. So the opportunities for 4th quarter comebacks were limited. We lead going to the 4th in at least one of those games. So that is 2 realistic comeback opps. Wow - 0 for 2 - nice stat Babe.
  16. lurkercowboy

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    That is a ridiculous premise. A fourth quarter comeback doesn't exist unless the winning team was behind at the start of the fourth quarter? What about a 10 minute comeback? Or a five minute comeback? How about a second half comeback?
  17. Doomsday101

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    Watching Bill Parcells’ new acquisitions against the breakout Chargers should be a good match-up. The Chargers surprised a lot of people last season with their playoff berth and they return a solid cast of players to make another run at the playoffs. The Cowboys will get their first look at Drew Bledsoe in the regular season and he is going to be the key for the season. Bledsoe must avoid sacks and eliminate turnovers for the Cowboys to succeed. This should be a close game, but look for the Chargers to win, but close.

    Straight: Chargers
    Spread: Chargers


    The Cowboys seem to be the sexy pick to challenge the Eagles for the NFC East but Parcells doesn’t have the horses at inside linebacker to make the 3-4 work. Translation:............You can run on the Cowboys and look at the running back San Diego brings to the dance. Chargers win easily.


    J J Pesavento

    The Cowboys are going to surprise some people this season, but visit a team that achieved more than many expected them to in 2004. It should be a good game, but the Bolts come out on top.


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