Irsay offers “SERIOUS Coin” to Bradshaw on Twitter

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    Colts G.M. Ryan Grigson is the reigning NFL executive of the year. He arguably should get that award for every year in which he is able to function in that job without ripping out every strand of his own hair, from every follicle on his body through which hair is growing.

    As Grigson tries to negotiate a contract with free-agent running back Ahmad Bradshaw, Irsay has chimed in via Twitter, with a message to Bradshaw’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus: “Hey Drew..I’m upside down,after this Hip Replacement Surgery,but the right hand can still scoop a pile of SERIOUS Coin,from Ft Knox-Let’s GO.”

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    I keep saying Jerry's not the only cuckoo owner in the league.. :laugh2:

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