News: Irvin: Bryant capable of 2,000 yards

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by jchap2k, Jul 25, 2013.

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    So it seems Irvin has bought into Bryant hook line and sinker, much like the majority of Cowboy fans.

    Full story

    OXNARD, Calif. -- Count Hall of Famer Michael Irvin among those who believe the Dallas Cowboys' current No. 88 is capable of revising the NFL receiving record book.

    Dez Bryant raised eyebrows this summer when he said he believed he was capable of becoming the first 2,000-yard receiver in NFL history. Irvin, who set the franchise record with 1,603 yards in 1995, wholeheartedly agrees that Bryant has that kind of ability.

    Fitzsimmons and Durrett

    Tim MacMahon joins Richard Durrett and Landry Locker from Oxnard, Calif., to discuss the latest news from Cowboys training camp.

    "He's so physically gifted it's incredible," Irvin told while visiting Cowboys camp for the NFL Network. "He can absolutely do that.

    "He's learning how to do more little things now. That means that, 'I know I can run by you any time I want to, but let me make sure I spend time running this in route, that out route to set you up later to run by you.' That's the difference between 1,500 yards -- or 1,382 yards -- and 2,000 yards. It's the difference, and it's not a difference that's really shoulders down. It's a difference that's shoulders up.

    "It's your thinking, not your physical gift. He has it physically. When he put it all together with what he does mentally, then he becomes an explosive player, because a lot of the little plays with his ability can always be big plays."

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    Capable yes but not sure that is the way to win. I would hope to have others in the WR core out there making plays as well. Det CJ came close but then Det went 4-12 on the season so those big numbers while great for CJ did nothing in terms of helping Det win games
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    If Dez makes the most of his catches even if he doesn't get targeted any more then last season he'll get close,
    Probably not 2000 cause that's a tall order but i'd have no reservations about putting money on him breaking Cowboys receiving records this year for yards and TDs if he stays healthy, i kinda expect him to
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    Dez is definitely on a mission this year. I personally care more about touchdowns than yards. We have always been able to get a ton of yards but seem to struggle to put 6 on the board. Dez needs to become Mr. Reliable in the end zone.
    If he can do that, then the yards will be the icing on the cake!
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    We might try to run more under Callahan. That doesn't change the fact Dez is a straight up BEAST!
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    I don't know about 2,000 yards but I believe he'll go over 1,400 and grab 14 to 15 TD's
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    It looks like Irvin could still play. Maybe TE or DE at that size.

    John Machota of the DMN posted this on Facebook today
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    Damn Mike is in shape!
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    I don't think we'll try to run that much more then we do now, i do think we'll figure out a way to run more effectively though. Dez will have the opportunity to put up some monster numbers. Having Emmitt in his prime and probably the best OL the league had ever seen didn't get in the way of Irvin going for 1600
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    Evidence that Dez will be playing the game from the shoulders up ... when Mike asked him about that, Dez in essense said "it will open up plays down the field for myself, Witt and Miles."
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    Exhibit A on why he's my favorite Cowboy. My, my, my.;)
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    Hmm, that's only 125 yards on average per game. Not bad, if he stays healthy. :D

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