Irvin not alone! Warren Sapp arrested, pulled from NFL Network

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Mr Cowboy, Feb 6, 2010.

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    MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP)
    Former football star Warren Sapp was arrested Saturday following an alleged domestic violence incident at a Miami Beach hotel, police said.

    Sapp was charged with one count of misdemeanor domestic battery and is expected to appear before a Miami-Dade County judge Sunday, Miami Beach police spokesman Juan Sanchez said.

    Shortly after officials confirmed the charge, the NFL Network, for which Sapp is an analyst, spokesman Dennis Johnson said in an e-mail to The Associated Press that Sapp wouldn't be part of Super Bowl coverage this weekend.

    ``We have been made aware of the arrest of Warren Sapp by the Miami Beach Police Department,'' a network statement said. ``In light of these circumstances, Warren Sapp will not appear on NFL Network while we review the matter.''

    The domestic violence allegation was reported around noon Saturday and detectives interviewed Sapp later that day, Sanchez said. The incident occurred early Saturday morning at the Shore Club hotel, according to a police news release.

    A telephone message left for Sapp's attorney was not immediately returned, nor was an e-mail.

    Sanchez said Sapp was expected to be transferred to Miami-Dade County jail Saturday.

    Sapp, a former defensive tackle, played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Oakland Raiders during his NFL career. He was also once a contestant on ABC's ``Dancing with the Stars.''

    Sapp was in South Florida as part of the NFL Network's coverage of Sunday's Super Bowl between the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts.
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    the old me wouldve made a comment about "dudes cant catch a break" dudes being a non derogatory commonly used term starting with n but in a nice way . but now as the grand pope of cbz.. i frown upon such behavior..

    hahah jk but seriously i mean i guess they are already set for life . But none the less both have familys cmon now. chill out dudes. buy an island and get drunk every day or something.
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    They should arrest you for abuse of the English language.
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    Hate that the incident happened, but I can't stand him on television.
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    Did Irvin get "pulled" from the NFL network also?
  6. DEZBRYANT x88x

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    I know they dropped his radio show.
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    No. He was on the NFL Network today.
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    That was ESPN not NFLN.
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    Warren Sapp is a bad guy...period. Met him twice in social situations and both times he was, rude, arrogant and has a sense of entitlement. A kid asked him for his autograph and he just turned his back and that's not the only thing I've got him on. He's got the world fooled thinking he's this loveable teddy bear of a man.

    While I believe Michael Irvin has his demons, he's a decent person (met him too) Sapp is just an awful human being.
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    I know its unfair to judge the man based on heresay from an internet forum, but I believe you. He has this Phillip Rivers, Jose Cansaco vibe going on and I dont like it.
  11. DEZBRYANT x88x

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    I know that.
  12. trueblue1687

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    Warren just exercising his rights as set forth within the Slapahoe tribe of south Florida.:D He's just showing his true colors
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    My best friend does camerawork for NFL Network and NFL Films and has spent a good amount of time around the players and "analysts" for years. Some guys are cool and others are not, but he always said Sapp was the biggest (no pun intended) jerk of all. Sapp actually pushed my friend (nearly knocking him to the ground) out of his way to get into a club a few years back. He's supposedly a really arrogant ***.

    I have some other stories too about other players, but I know how skeptical (understandably) people on this board are about this stuff so I try to minimize these kinds of posts.

    Just thought I'd share this one because it backs up what another guy is saying. I have no reason to lie about Warren Sapp's personality.
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    Irvin didn't get arrested. There is a difference.
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    Not a good week for the NFL Network...
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    another player i care less for-and is weard in person... is sheshawn keyshawn.. what ever u want to call him..
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    NFL Network disputes report Sapp is done
    Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on February 7, 2010 11:55 AM ET

    Warren Sapp's arrest capped an embarrassing week for NFL Network, but the station denies a report that Sapp is done at the network for good.

    AOL's Fanhouse reported late Saturday night that Sapp will no longer be on the network moving forward. Sapp was pulled from NFL Network's Super Bowl coverage, but a decision has not been made about his future, according to NFL spokesman Dennis Johnson.

    "The report is inaccurate. We are reviewing the matter," Johnson said in an email to PFT Sunday morning.

    Sapp is due to appear in front of a Miami-Dade County judge Sunday after being arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery. The victim in the case alleges Sapp choked her. Her affidavit said she had a swollen knee and bruises on her back.

    The network released the following statement about Sapp Saturday:

    "We have been made aware of the arrest of Warren Sapp by the Miami Beach Police Department. In light of these circumstances, he will not appear on NFL Network while we review the matter."
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    Which ones are the cool ones?
  19. Kangaroo

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    Is Moose cool ?

    How is Aikman ?
  20. Cover 2

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    They don't work for NFL Network.

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