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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Future, Aug 11, 2005.

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    did anybody happen to see either NFL Live or COld Hard Facts w/ Michael Irvin on espn? He was talking about Norv Turner and his offensive system saying how he made Alvin Harper a superstar. I got the impression that he was sayin harper was no good, didn't sound like a good hting to say. Anybody else see that?
  2. Deacon Moss

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    Did'nt see it, although maybe not a good thing to say publicly, but he may be on to something...being as Harper really did'nt have much of a career once he left Dallas!!!
  3. Qwickdraw

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    But I did catch Irvin's comments on the latest T.O. debacle where he said it's foolish of Philly and their fans to stand strong in their stance regarding T.O. because they are going to lose games as a result of it and he said they should give T.O. the money he wants and make a promise to do so beginning next year.

    I love Irvin but sometimes, he shows his ignorance as well. I couldn't disagree with him more and my hat's off to everyone in Philly that is responding to T.O. and his charades with "Tough".
  4. Deacon Moss

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    So because Irvin sides with TO makes him ignorant??? and he also said does'nt particularly agree with how TO is goin about things.

    I think Irv does have a point when he says that the Eagles attempt to save face and play hard ball with him, will ultimately cost them ballgames.
  5. silverbear

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    Caving in to Owens' attempt at extortion will cost them more ballgames, down the road... if they let him get away with this crap, they'll be setting themselves up for the same treatment by every player who wants to get paid more...
  6. Jack Burton

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    I couldn't agree with you more.
  7. burmafrd

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    Irvin has a weakness for loudmouths.
    As regards Harper- the moment he left Dallas, he disappeared. By the time he came back, he had nothing left. He was really good in our system, but did nothing anywhere else. Pretty much says it all.
  8. Deacon Moss

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    When did he come back??? You might be thinking of Kelvin Martin.
  9. dstew60105

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    He came back for a couple of games in Campo's tenure. He sucked upon his return.
  10. TheSkaven

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    I saw the segment. Yeah, he dissed Alvin Harper bad, basically made him sound like a throwaway. While I agree that Harper didn't have the best career, our passing offense sure was good when he was here. We never did find a replacement for him (maybe the Rocket)
  11. BlueWave

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    Basically, yes. Irvin has been up Owens *** for the last two years. Every chance he gets, has kisses his butt.

    To tell you the truth, I don't like Irvin. Had he not been a Cowboy, I likely would have the same distain for him that I have for Owens right now. Because he was a Cowboy, I cheered for him. But, by no means, did I like him or the way he presented himself as a Cowboy.
  12. Dat mans bro

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    I don't think Harper was as bad as Irvin made him out to be. But on the flip side, he had single coverage most of the time since defenses concentrated onthe run, Irvin, or novacek. So, it wasn't like he was breaking double coverage or against the best CB on the other team. but he did catch the ball, make the big plays when asked of him. Ismail was obviously a better receiver as he could break free, had better speed, and get open, but could he have made the the same plays? Probably, but a lot of speculation as in all these discussions.

    Nonetheless, I liked Harper and felt he was a a good cog in the offensive machine we had in those days. Why he never kept up his numbers when he left Big D? Work ethic, too much pressure as a #1? Or after he got paid, it got compacent.

    By the way, last I heard about him, he was working as a assistant coach or something at Howard University or something like that.
  13. Dat mans bro

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    Oh regarding the whole Irvins opinion on TO. He's wrong IMO. i don't care who you are, you sign a deal, you stick to it. If anyone listened to Mike and Mike this morning, Greeney was right. He said that everything that TO said in last nights interview was me, me, me. I came back from injury to prove people wrong, I sacrificed my body, I ..balh, blah, blah. why give into a guy that may do this again if the receivers pay average goes up next year?

    Reid told him the deal was bad. his prior agent said the same. He wanted to be in Philly. He signed it. Live with it as there is no place to go that can accomodate 15M give up draft picks and will deal with him. I hope they do a Keyshawm on him and just pay him and sit him.

    Ahh....I feel better. Oh yeah, the whole TO and mom T shirt was just so stupid to wear in trying to get sympathy.
  14. bigcrob

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    I remember when Emmitt Smith held out for more money after our first of three superbowls and every Cowboy fan was saying give Emmit his money. Now I hate the Eagles, but I would get better joy out betting them with TO than without.
  15. BlueWave

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    The guy is an idiot. I'm no McNabb fan, but that's mainly because he is an Eagle. If McNabb was a Dolphin or something, I wouldn't mind him. That being said, the way Owens has just flat our started to talk bad about McNabb on every interview and show is no going to sit well. Owens is not pulling any punches or taking the high road. It's almost like he is waiting for the chance to say something bad about McNabb. How can that ever be repaired?
  16. Hollywood Henderson

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    Irvin is right, filthy plays hardball & it will cost them games...

    TO was also right, he called it like he saw it...McChunky soup was BEAT *** tired in the Super Bowl...TO was injured yet still came back and nearly helped them win...He did play hard & tough...But its never good to call out a teammate for one of the reasons you LOST the game.

    That being said...Go ahead Filthy, play hardball and we will pass you this year!
  17. Jarv

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    McNabb and that San Fran QB....I see a pattern here...throw me the ball 1,000 times a year or I diss you.
  18. MaineBoy

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    Rgarding Irvin and his comments on Harper....As a Cowboy fan, I sure am glad we had Harper in one of the most important games in franchise history - the first NFC Chanpionship game in San Fran...The Boys were just coming back and beating San Fran - in San Fran - in an NFC CHampionship game was a huge hurdle and far from guaranteed at the time....especially when they kept playing clips of "The Catch"...

    Alvin made clutch plays that made the difference (3rd down slant run when we needed a first down badly) and maybe someone else could have made the plays, who knows, but we do know that Harper did. And I do remember at the time that Irvin was frustrated because Harper had more going in that San Fran game.

    No, Harper was no star and he was a system player and a complimentary player but he was the one who was there and made the plays. Irvin didn't need to diss him. To what end ?
  19. WoodysGirl

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    I watched the show and it didn't seem like Irvin was dissing Harper to me. If you put it into context, he was talking about Norv's offense and how Jordan and Moss were really gonna thrive. He basically said if he can turn Harper into a star, then what do you think he can do with a guy like Moss?

    From a cowboys standpoint, I appreciate all that Harper gave, which was very clutch in many ways. But after he left the boys, he did nothing. He was a true #2 and left for #1 money and still only produced #2 results.
  20. Nerm

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    Harper did make big plays including one of my five favorite plays of all time (the slant against SF). However, he was not a great WR at all. He never had a season with more than 850 yards, he would disappear for long stretches of the regular season, and he never had a playoff game with more than 4 catches.

    My theory was that Harper was very average, except for his leaping ability. Troy had the accuracy to put a ball a few inches higher than a CB could jump (but not too high for Harper). Once he left Dallas, the QBs he played with didn’t have the same accuracy and didn’t take advantage of his ability to out jump CBs for the ball.

    I will say this though, if I had to throw a ball up for grabs in the endzone, I wouldn’t mind having Harper as the WR fighting for it.

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