Is 2014 a good year to pick Romo's eventual replacement

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by btcutter, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. maxdallasfan

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    This years draft will be telling on how the team stands regarding the future of Romo.

    If they draft a QB in the later rounds for purely back-up reasons, then Romo is here for the long haul.

    If they grab a decent prospect in round #1, then I believe, like the other guy said, that 2 years might be it.
  2. Avenging Hayseed

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    This guy can be had in the 5th / 6th round range due to off field issues last season and injury this year. It is my belief that 2 or three years down the road he will prove to be the best QB of the lot in this years draft. Very athletic, pretty accurate, good arm strength, nice size. Needs to sit behind Romo a couple seasons and develop.

  3. Carharris2

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    1st Comp pct - 72.2%
    2nd Fewest Ints - 1
    4th Completions - 83
    4th TD passes - 6
    5th QB RATING - 103.9
    15th yards - 771
    I saw you had your one favorite comment in the thread these damning factual stats to your comically poor argument was made. Brilliant points.
    Do you realize these are from Dallas's first 3 games and not one padded game?
    Oh this is too small of a sample. Great. Make my argument and go back to his superb career stats. Your argument looks pathetic. Also answer the alternative question.
  4. CowboyFan74

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    Here's a stat for ya:

  5. jnday

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    He will be a dull of his current self in five years. Expecting him to be decent five years from now is wishfully thinking.
  6. dstovall5

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    What is that? The team's record? Ahh gotcha, didn't know a team's record is a QB's individual stat. I guess we learn something new each day. :)
  7. Carharris2

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    Great job. Now answer my question. You know the one I've asked you 3 times. A realistic viable option to Romo. Prove me wrong. You can't. I know. Don't go home mad genius just go home. Ha hahhaha... You're making my other point about your comments not being terribly bright. Just stop. You are not looking good.
    Go cheer for your shegles.
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    Omg. I just saw how your completely false thread you started was closed. Dude if you really are a cowboys fan,which I doubt, then you are very bad at recognizing what is happening on the tv in front of you. How could you possibly think romo was getting chewed out. No reasonable partly intelligent person could ever ever interpret that science that way.
    Do you take drugs? If no then rethink. If yes please stop. If you don't like your comments being called dumb ask an adult to proof read them before you make them.
    Thank you for your cooperation.
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  9. CowboyStar88

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    I want Johnny Football in a Cowboys uni. It's a perfect fit. It's a JJ dream for marketing a young player. It could be Johnny Football to Dez Bryant and Twill for 10 plus years! That is something to consider. Also I would consider a guy like the RB from Georgia as well. I think you might see Dallas draft a QB and a RB this year. Just a hunch I wouldn't be mad at all. Johnny football enters the draft Jerry will do whatever it takes to get him.
  10. ufcrules1

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    This is kind of scary when you think about it and knowing how Jerry acts. If he does go after Johnny and then Johnny's skills aren't good enough to get us playoff wins or super bowls.. will Jerry still hold on to him and then give us another decade of little to no success here while at the same time telling us we are close? That scares me.
  11. boscokt

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    I have no idea what being a "dull of" one's self means.

    But I can see him kicking around for a while longer. Hasn't had a ton of brain injuries and hasn't had to have major surgeries.

    4-5 years isn't that long of a time. He'll be late 30s but I'll bet he can still throw the ball well and by then he'll be declining but still productive.
  12. GimmeTheBall!

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    The 'Boys would have to go 4-12 to even hope of landing Manziel. And then there is the chance little Johnny big ego and head might implode by draft day.
  13. CowboyFan74

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    When people quote stats over actual game time action, it comes off as if you don't watch the entire game or don't understand football. Like if you are just some numbers cruncher that never played football, especially the QB position. Don't talk to me about padded stats, talk to me about specific plays..

    The coaches don't go into the film room with the players and evaluate stats nowhere nearly as much as they scrutinize actual plays because stats only tell you a fraction of the story, their is no substitute for real life action.. Coaches evaluate player performance and game situations in the film room, not stats.

    And sports writers can't possibly watch every single game and then write convincing articles without leaning on highlight reels and stats because its impossible to watch every single game they write about. So like the casual fan, they rely on stats and highlight reels. In other words they don't watch the entire game, they get the cliff notes.

    Sooo when you quote stats instead of specific plays, you come off as a sports writer who only got the cheat sheet but didn't actually watch the entire game..
  14. Corso

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    Did you just re-quote yourself from another thread in which you were hammered mercilessly?
    C'mon, man...
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  15. CowboyFan74

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    That is a legitimate response to the, "Stat argument." Why should I type it over again? Nobody can refute it.........................
  16. Carharris2

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    Dude Aren't you the guy who watched the game, watched the part where you somehow thought that Garrett was yelling at Romo?--were you serious?
    You have no ability to discern what is happening during a game. Furthermore, stats are used, in part, to decide how much money to pay players. That is a very important part if any business. $$$Are you going to answer the question of your alternative to Romo?$&
    I've asked you 4 times now. You will not address it and are oddly avoiding answering.
    Is this some sort of strange denial where you're not seeing this question or do you not understand the question?
    You really were serious with that strange thread you started that was closed because it was so oddly untrue.
    Many called you a troll. I guess that's it.

    Answer my question. I've answered every one of your questions.
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  17. Carharris2

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    I'm pretty new to this forum. Can anyone please give me some insight on this guy. Cowboyfan74?
    Is he really a cowboys fan?
    He's been arguing with me for about 3 days with odd and repetitive non points.
    He also can't answer straight forward questions. I don't normally encounter people like this.
    Is it possible Romo personally hurt his feelings?
  18. Corso

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    I believe he actually IS Romo pulling our collective legs...
    Or someone on some really good pain killers with some really bad side-effects.
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  19. Corso

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    I, for one, would like to know what these pain killers are.
    Not that I would take them for pleasure.
    Purely for scientific reasons...
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  20. TrailBlazer

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    I think there will be several qb's graded higher than manziel IMO. I'd rather have a prototypical strong arm pocket passer. Am I the only one who thinks Johnny won't translate to the nfl? I'm no Mel kiper jr. But that's my hunch with him. I think we have too many other needs right now to draft a qb high in the draft. But it will need to be addressed within 2-3 years

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