Is 2014 a good year to pick Romo's eventual replacement

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by btcutter, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. visionary

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    with the record of our offensive coaching staff, kaep and wilson would be considered wasted picks

    they are who they are becasue of their respective coaching staffs who know how to utilize their strengths
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  2. Irvin88_4life

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    I want Renner from UNC. I would take any player from UNC though.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I know, it's a frustrating thing.
  4. StarBoyz83

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    Jacksonville will get him
  5. ShiningStar

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    okay by asking this question, im concerned for you, so ill give you the answer, its real simple. every year is the year. There ya go. You are not going to hit every time, you cant always get the first round guy, but you always keep looking. If you are near the top five and that guy is there, and hes clearly better than your guy, you grab him. Do you make a lateral move, no, clearly not, unless hes younger and your thinking price and you are in the position.

    Clearly yes, if its doable and its there, you dont pass up on it. Romo isnt taking us, time is NOT on his side, injuries are piling up. Find hte guy, find him yesterday, if its Tanney so be it, but yes, we should be looking. I dont want an Aikman part two, get out there and look and look hard.
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  6. mmohican29

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    If Manziel or Bridgewater are available, I'd do just about anything to nab either. IF this season thuds, I'd actually like to bring Sumlin in as HC and change everything EXCEPT the Kiffin D, which is starting to take off in a positive direction.
  7. Staubacher

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    He did one thing - took advantage of a giant mismatch his huge WR one on one against a small DB who won't be a pro. Other than that he threw picks and ran around.

    I'm not sure he is special enough to be a good NFL QB. He'l get creamed running the ball he is not big.
  8. ufcrules1

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    I hope so... cause I don't want him here.
  9. nake

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    Let's draft Johnny Football next year. It will be worth it just for the discussions/battle royals it will invoke on this forum. Plus, the guy is just a great football player. :D
  10. ufcrules1

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    Kiffin Scheme..but Rod Marinelli Defense. In my opinion. Rod has those guys playing to a higher level and preaching the turnover philosophy to them.
  11. TheCoolFan

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    I have been very against this over the past 2 years but now I'm starting to come around, especially with Romo becoming injury-prone. While it's true that a QB can play into his late 30s and Romo only started at age 26, he's had some pretty major injuries that may have taken a toll on his body. He's had a fractured clavicle in 2010, fractured rib in 2011, and now another rib injury in 2013.

    We are in what might be a Golden Age for QB Prospects. 2014 and 2015 will be prime years.
  12. Wheeltax

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    Bring 'em on, I'm ready for some kind of change around here on offense.
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  13. Bungarian

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    I am not against it but this team needs too much help on the OL and DL to use a first rounder on a QB.
  14. Bungarian

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    2015 seems like a good time to me.
  15. Eddie

    Eddie Well-Known Member

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    No because Romo is just entering his prime and he can play for at least another 10 years.
  16. sadams

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    I will trade every pick for Johnny Football right now if he comes out.
  17. Playmaker247

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    Could be a possibility. Smith relayed the following story that caught our attention: “I heard Jerry Jones say … ‘If you told me I could get Johnny Manziel for the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys next year, I’d say tell me where to sign and how much it will cost me.’”
  18. conner01

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    i don't know about 10 more years but looking at his contract it appears they think atleast 4 more. thats the problem with taking a top qb now. he will be a free agent while you still have romo so then you have 2 high paid qb's and that won't work at all. i don't see anyway we would take a qb high in the draft with romo just signing a new deal and have the guy up for a contract while you are still paying romo
  19. jnday

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    Romo should be no excuse not to draft s QB. I think it was a mistake not to trade up for Dalton s few years ago. I wouldn't be surprised if a rookie could come in and play at the level Romo is playing now. With the current coaches, I doubt that a young QB would develop well in Dallas because they are going to ruin him with the dunking and dunkining offense. It would be nice to have one available for the next staff. I would like to see a good drop back passer with a cannon arm. Maybe some deep passes would be the result. I don't think there is s snowball chance in hell for this team to be Super Bowl champs anytime soon. Why not prepare for the future if a quality QB prospect is available in the draft?
  20. jimnabby

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    Draft your board. What that means:

    If you have a top QB in his prime and a QB is BPA in the first couple rounds, you leverage the value to trade down. (You're still always willing to take a QB you like in later rounds).
    If you have no QB or know that you'll need on in the next year or so, you make an appropriate trade up (if necessary) to get one that you value highly.
    Otherwise, if a QB is BPA in the first couple rounds, take him; if not, don't. That's where the Cowboys are now. Within two years, they'll be in the trade-up category if they don't have the heir apparent in place.

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