Is 2014 a good year to pick Romo's eventual replacement

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by btcutter, Sep 18, 2013.

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    Mariota is the QB I would take when he comes out in a couple of years. He is big, fast, smart and can sling it.
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    The Cowboys had 2nd round grades on Nassib and Barkley. If T Williams had not been available, they probably would have taken one of them in the 3rd round.

    If a QB is available that they like, I think the odds are pretty good that they take a QB within the first three rounds in May.
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    Yeah Witten and his "quick out routes" are no longer helping us. He has lost it, and is easily covered, unless he bodies a DB or LB

    Look at Gonzalez. He looks horrible so far this year, he should have retired.
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    There is no way Manziel will be available when the Cowboys draft. But, if he were, Jerry Jones could not help himself. He'd have to draft that publicity magnet. And, I think Manziel will be a star in the NFL. A tremendous athlete and a fierce competitor.
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    Manziel will be a Jeff George or a Ryan Leaf; something in that area. His ten cent head will in the end doom him.

    I think 2015 would be a time to take a hard look at the draft for a QB. Not before then since practically the contract romo has now means we have to keep him for at least 3 more years. That would give us 2 years to groom the guy before we let Romo go. And then two years to see how he did before extending the new QB. 3 years if we can get a 5 year contract.
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    Whoever it is, I just hope the guy is athletic and can run a little. Romo has always had escapability in the pocket but scrambling for yards...nope, the guy might be one of the slowest starting QBs in the NFL now.
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    If a guy we like is available when we pick then absolutely we take him. It is the perfect time for us to draft a young guy who can sit behind Romo for a few seasons and learn how to be a pro. I am a huge believer in drafting for the future. Anyone who watched this franchise before Romo should know we need to have a guy ready for when our qb is done because viable starting qbs don't grow on trees. Romo is what, 32 now? He isn't going to last forever folks. He has taken a real beating the last few seasons.
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    The fact we are even having this conversation is all Jason Garrett's fault.

    It seems like every aspect of this team has to be perfect for us to have success. It's rediculous.

    We must out athlete every team. Never out coach them.
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    Jerry saw Aikman's career end prematurely so I think he would rather draft a QB too early than too late. My guess is we pick one up in about the 3rd round this year. But after that Dallas will probably be in the market for a 1st round QB if one is available
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    you forgot the punctured lung

    and, I would stop watching the cowboys if they drafted manziel...he is a clown...his head is so big it doesn't fit in his helmet
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    Now that is some extreme dislike. I disliked Deion Sanders for the same reason, even when he was with the Cowboys, but I didn't let that dislike make me quit the team. Manziel is a kid who let his sudden fame get the best of him. But the key part of that phrase is "kid." He'll take some lumps in the SEC and he'll grow up a bit. Ego aside, he did put up 42 points on Alabama. He had an interception on a tipped pass and the one in the end zone his receiver stopped on the route. Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying the Cowboys should draft him, all I'm saying is that if he were available Jerry Jones would have to have him, but fans shouldn't quit on the Cowboys because of one showboat player.

    I bet fans all over the NFL are having this same discussion, except maybe SF, Wash, and Seattle. The Jacksonville forums are probably screaming at each other with the pros and cons of Manziel.
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    Gotta love people harping on Manziels offseason stunts like Romo wasn't doing the same kind of crap when he made it big just a handful of years ago.
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    You can't be serious. That guy will flame out in the NFL quick. Did you not happen to see his passes? A good chunk of them were just heave it up and let Mike Evans just jump up and get it over the smaller, weaker corners of Bama. You think running around and playing chunk it up backyard style is going to last long in the NFL? Heck no. I pray we don't go after this kid at all. He would be a horrible investment.
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    I am weary of him being from Oregon's wide open offense. Also lots of quick short passes. It'll be a tough adjustment to the Pro's. He'll need alot of seasoning.
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    When considering these type things one must attempt to think like Jerry.

    So I'll try.

    <Jerry thinking mode on (OUCH!) : "Who'll make me the most money and get me the most headlines?

    Johnny Football, that's who!

    Now, somebody clean my glasses and get me a drink!
    " : Jerry thinking mode off>
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    Romo and Manziel are quit different animals. Manziel knows the NCAA rules whether his likes them or not. Romo was a Pro when he lived his hollywood life. BTW, so does most of the NFL and pro athletes. I really don't know what would happen if you put Manziel in Dallas with a big contract. I think there's a better chance he becomes Ryan Leaf than the next Aaron Rogers or Brady.
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    Yea I got a laugh out this.

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