Is 2014 a good year to pick Romo's eventual replacement

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by btcutter, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. RastaRocket

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    Draft Boyd if he drops to 3rd round or so.
  2. KJJ

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    I wouldn't use a #1 on a QB unless I plan on playing them as a rookie. Young QB's have been hitting the ground running the past couple of years they need to play not sit for 2-4 years behind a QB you just resigned to a huge contract. I'm fine using a #2 or #3 a QB you could strike gold but I wouldn't use a #1 until Romo is either showing clear signs of decline or needs to be replaced due to ineffectiveness. 8-8 teams don't use their #1 pick on a QB if they aren't planning on playing them soon.

    Yes Aaron Rodgers sat for a couple of years but I think to develop a QB they need to play as soon as possible and learn on the field. It's different if they're a project who was drafted later in the draft but a QB drafted in the first round needs to play soon. Mediocre teams need their #1 picks on the field.
  3. Hardline

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    The next starting QB for the Cowboys is in Junior High right now.
  4. KJJ

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    Are you serious? If they were in the 8th grade and made themselves available for the NFL draft as a Jr in college Romo would be 40. There is now way Tony Romo will still be the starting QB of the Cowboys past his 39th birthday. From what I'm seeing of him and this team he may be done in the next 3 years.
  5. theranchsucks

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    I think you just answered your own shirt sophmore
  6. Hardline

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    I disagree
  7. tantrix1969

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    if Boyd drops to us at 16-18 where we will be picking I don't see how we can pass him up
  8. 17yearsandcounting

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    Probably the 100 million dollar contract they just gave to Romo.

    Time to start putting out feelers to potentially interested parties to see who can come in fix this mess of an offense.
  9. Clove

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    Sometimes you can tell about a person after a year or two, and I knew a long time ago. This game is too big for Tony, and I'm not being mean, it's jut fact. I would move up to get Johnny Football and I wouldn't care what anyone thought about it. If you can throw 2 picks at Claibourne, then I would throw picks, players, and some fans in the pot to get him. I think J Football, who has a strong arm by the way, will be unstoppable. He has 1 good receiver and a couple of good linemen, but other than that, he has NO defense, went up against a bunch of people who will be first rounders in the NFL, and the rest was history. People say he just threw it up for Evans, I wish Romo had just done that with Dez the other night. It's not physics, if you look over and see a giant on a midget, what do you do?

    Unfortunately, no one will want to trade out of the 1 spot to get him so we may as well try to get Romo and make him a pure pocket passer because he's lost a couple of steps in his quickness and agility. Our best bet is to get him rolling in this new offense.
  10. KJJ

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    Disagree with what? You actually think Romo will still be the starting QB when he's 39-40? Ain't happening!
  11. Red Dragon

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    The Cowboys should have gone the Aaron Rodgers route and drafted Romo's replacement this year or last year, in preparation for him being the future starter by no later than 2016.
  12. burmafrd

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    any time someone tries to claim THEIR OPINION is fact I laugh hard.
  13. burmafrd

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    Oh BS. No there is no NEED to immediately play a Rookie QB. There have been examples for years of QBs that should have sat out a year and held the clipboard and watched and learned.
    Kapernik is a good example of someone that sat for a while and watched and he admitted it was a good thing for him.
    Now some like Luck who came from a pro style offense can plug in pretty fast and well. But to claim all need to start right away is total complete BS.
  14. ufcrules1

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    I do too... Romo won't make it 3 more years here.
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  15. Redball Express

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    As good as any year.


    Where is Brady Quinn when you need him?
  16. coult44

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    Depends on where we are and who's still there. THere are going to be a lot of good QB's available this year. Hopefully we aren't that high, but if something stupid happens and we are, it would be awesome to have one of the top guys sit two years behind Romo...
  17. durrrr

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    Ew. I came away from that game really unimpressed with his arm. Every throw I saw to the outside was floated/lobbed really slowly. Didn't seem to drive the ball at all.
  18. MartinRamone

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    He is going to the Jags and wouldnt surprise me if Raiders got Manziel or Hundley.

    This is a good class to pick a 2nd or 3rd rounder, there are too many decent QB and not all will go in the 1st round. Personally i like Mariotta or Hundley, Manziel sounds like a locker room cancer.
  19. KJJ

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    If you're an 8-8 team your #1 pick needs to be on the field helping your team get out of the rut it's in not standing around on the sidelines. You have no business using a #1 pick on a QB if you don't need them and have a starter you just signed to $108 million deal. Kaepernick was a second round pick who saw some action as a rookie all be it in a limited role. You're always defending Romo do you want to use a #1 pick on a QB next April and have them sit for the next 3-4 years? With all the needs the Cowboys have it would crazy for them yo use their #1 pick next April on a QB who's going to be carrying a clipboard until Romo needs to be replaced. The NFL is different now than it was years ago QB's taken in the first round are ready to play if you're picking a franchise QB which is what you're expecting with a #1 pick. We've seen 2 rookie QB's the past 3 seasons pass for over 4000 yards. We saw 2 rookie QB's last season lead their teams to the playoffs and one got a playoff win.

    The Cowboys have no business using a #1 pick on a QB who can't step in immediately like an Andrew luck or an RG3 and help this team. Use a #2 or #3 on a QB and let them sit for a few seasons I'll be fine with that but it would be stupid to use a #1 pick on a QB when your current starter may have 4-5 years left in him. A QB could end up going stale not playing for several seasons. Everyone brings up Aaron Rodgers but he attempted 59 regular season passes in his first 3 seasons. He got 16 attempts his rookie year and 15 attempts his second year so at least he got a chance to get on the field and get his feet wet in the regular season. During the 07 season he got to play most of the game vs the Cowboys after Favre got injured. A young talented first round QB needs to play to develop.
  20. Red Dragon

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    The search for the next longterm starting QB must begin now. We don't want a repeat of the 2001-2004 years when the Cowboys had not gotten any real replacement for Aikman.
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